Reuters: Xbox Live is a Scary Place

In a recent report about the ups and downs of Xbox Live, Reuters pointed out that Live is still home to mostly hardcore gamers, and the vast majority of Xbox and Xbox 360 owners are just too scared to join the party. Reuters interviewed industry analyst David Cole, who believes that the 4 million subscribers spread across 24 million original Xboxes and 360s represent a select group of early adopters.

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Boink5249d ago

there is actually more than 6 million. any other facts he got right?

STICKzophrenic5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

I kind of agree that it's for hardcore gamers. I'm not intimidated by foul language, or people being offensive simply because that doesn't bother me. I just find it hard to compete against human opponents. I basically suck against non-AI opponents, so it isn't very much fun for me to get my ass kicked repeatedly.

DEIx15x85248d ago

I've tried to play some games like PGR and Tony Hawk online and they are scary because of how serious the people are and that's no fun for me. I do great in single player yet when i go online i get creamed. Sometimes you get that rare fun room though where everyone is on your level and out for fun not victory or bragging rights. That's why i stick with games like Midtown Madness 3 (free ride) and Burnout Revenge (crash mode) where the objective is more to have fun. I've never played either of those games on XBL without having a good time, even when i play actual game modes online they are still fun because teh game gives everyone a fun mindset. It seems like the real issue with XBL is that every game is different and people don't always realize that. When you go to play a real game like Halo or PGR the people are out for victory, if you want a fun experience and not bragging rights then you need to play a game that has a more fun attitude like MM3, Burnout, and SW Battlefront.

TheXgamerLive5249d ago

It's set up that it's so easy that even a child could use it and they do.

Thanks for another pro sony writer to try to blemish something that so great.

DJ5248d ago

Not hard to use. I wonder if Microsoft is ever going to tell us how many Xbox live users are Gold Members and how many are Silver (free) members. 6 million subscribers out of 49 million Xbox & Xbox 360 owners isn't too bad, but it should be a lot higher considering it's Microsoft's strong point. We'll see what Sony's percentages turn out to be.

power of Green 5248d ago

Lots of people have gold accounts, what does it matter? Choice of content is just as importand in being part of MS's XBL as Multi player and is a big part of MS's "strong point" and theres plenty of gamers that don't like nor have time to deticate to 100's of hours of gameplay.

Why People try and pick apart XBL; or MS for that matter, with such ridiculous nit picking is beyond me.

It's like People trying to figure out why Sony never sells a large number of games to any one consumer yet sell's score's of consoles, i'v learned it doesn't matter although PS3 might screw Sony "this time" in this subject.

mephixto5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

You don't have to enter Xbox Live to know how the attiude of a xbox360 hardcore gamer is, you just have to read some comments in this site

power of Green 5248d ago

I wouldn't blame them, f8ck theres some rabbid racist trash and scum in abundance on XBL but after a push of a button and a change of settings you can tune it out, besides theres great mannered and cool people on live but it takes time to find the right player's to add to the players list(no geek terms out of my mouth). You should play on line for fun and not worry about skill level(hardcore game trolls, whoops!.

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