Zelda Informer’s Top 10 Zelda Games of All Time Winter 2015/2016 Edition

Zelda Informer: "Last year we shared with you a list of how the Zelda Informer staff then collectively ranked every single Zelda game in the series. Our staff has gotten smaller in 2015, but it’s also gotten closer and as such things change. We had the release of Tri Force Heroes to now consider and obviously the subtraction and addition of staff members over the course of the past year.

Due to the decrease in number of staff available I didn’t feel we have enough data to truly rank all 18 main line Zelda titles. However, we all have our ten favorite and as such we are starting a new tradition of presenting Zelda Informer’s top 10 Zelda games each winter. Why winter? It allows for at least a few weeks buffer from the potential release of a new title and it helps bring in the New Year with where ZI’s collective staff stands in terms of what games in the series we like most."

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leemass241850d ago

Nothing to do with article but most recent as of posting, happy new year everyone may u enjoy ur 2016 😃

Kalebninja1850d ago

So all of a sudden after 1 year Skyward sword is better than majoras mask? How does a game go from 1 to 5 even though no new games have released?