5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bother Buying Elite: Dangerous


With Steam's sale pushing Elite: Dangerous down a huge 50% thousands are contemplating on whether to invest or hold out for something better. Take it from me, hold out for something better, much better

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derkasan1682d ago

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

OoglyBoogly1682d ago

These points, whether they bother you personally or not, are spot on. For it being an "MMO" there's really nothing MMO about it. Etc...yeah...good points.

I'd like to add that it's awesome how they're charging for each additional module. At least with Star Citizen or No Man's Sky you pay one price and get the whole damn game.

1682d ago
Perjoss1682d ago

I've played the Horizons expansions and sure it has issues but what they have added so far required a ton of work, anyone who thinks they should be giving away this stuff for free doesn't have a clue about games design, production and development.

OoglyBoogly1682d ago

Well since you seem to know so much do you at all want to explain to me, oh wise one, why and how it is that games like Star Citizen and No Man's Sky have all these things in a single game for a single price?

Hell, No Man's Sky is made by a MUCH smaller team that's NEVER EVEN MADE A GODDAMN SPACE GAME OR ANYTHING LIKE IT EVER!

So yeah, sorry, but your argument is heavily flawed and quite frankly makes no sense.

Sirch1682d ago

Meh, I found it entertaining. Star Citizen and No Mans Sky areelnt out yet. What other multiplayer space flight game is there that's comparable and released?

I'll likely get SC and NMS when they come out but ED is still a fun game :)