200° - Killzone 2 is not generic - Killzone 2, it is a hot topic across most gaming message boards. The word generic has been thrown around this title by rabid fanboys, who look to cling to anything against the game. As long as it bashes the yet unreleased title, no matter how untrue it is.

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Gambit073717d ago

Any new FPS will have some people calling it generic, I think it's the angle, they should change it ;)

shazam3717d ago

The first person cover system has never been done before in an fps. It has been a very long time since something that never been done before has happened in the fps genre.

Panipal20053717d ago

Not just rabid (Xbox) fanboys, but Sony fanboys too, who're disappointed at being thrown naught but shooters, the least exciting genre ever, while more exciting games are only shown behind closed doors.

marinelife93717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

He makes some great points.

I like the one when he asked the fanboys on the forum to come up with some ideas to make Killzone not "generic" and they couldn't come up with one idea.

I remember Black being a generic shooter and it was a whole hella lotta fun.

Silver3603717d ago

Wait until the game comes out to judge it. I am buying it no matter what gotta love the looks.

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yoghurt3717d ago

I'm glad somebody has taken the time to write an article like this, as it is my thoughts exactly (and i'm sure many others)

People are just finding any excuse to give KZ2 bad comments, and knock it for something which has earlier been praised in a different game. Its crazy. And like the writer said, COD4 (which I love), was about as generic as they come

LastDance3717d ago

yea...i love COD4...but after playing alot, ive realised it just doesnt have much personality.

juuken3717d ago

If this was on the 360, you wouldn't hear any bashing whatsoever. The fact that it's a PS3 title makes people bash it to oblivion.

It's sickening.

Chubear3717d ago

I remember very well before Haze went multiplat and then exclusive to the PS3, how 360 fans would always put HAZE on the top of those lists to show off all the great games coming to the 360.

As soon as it went PS3 exclusive, they did a '180' and bashed the living day lights out of it. To me HAZE was an OK shooter but nothing remotely close to special, however, had it gone 360 exclusive every 360 fan would be in every PS3 forum stating how HAZE could not be done on the PS3 and how it's one of the best shooters EVA!!

Sorry but had KILLZONE II been a 360 exclusive, it's fanbase would have lost their gaddamned minds. Remember in 2006 when they said the 05 trailer was IMPOSSIBLE! and that it'll be on the PS4 before we can hope to see anything close to those graphics.

Well, KZII is surpassing the trailer and it's got 5 more years to go for this gen. So now you get 360 fans saying the graphics aren't really that impressive anyway. Crazy!

THC CELL3717d ago

killzone is taking fps to a next level

its like the next halo 1 moveing into 2 then 3

i think where in for a long ride with killzone
i just hope they get better not worst when they move on to the next game

socomnick3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

While I do hope killzone 2 is good. I dont think it can be compared to the likes of halo. Killzone as a franchise has yet to live up the halo status both commercially and gameplay wise. Maybe killzone 2 is great and then maybe it can be considered a shooter as amazing as the halo franchise but for now its still a relatively small franchise that flopped hard on the playstation2.

I also agree witht he article , Kz 2 is not generic.

Resistance is horribly generic though.

spandexxking3717d ago

socomnick the only reason i have a 360 is to play halo but jeez your such a diehard! :)

SuperM3717d ago

Actually i wouldnt say killzone flopped. But it didnt do as good as people had hoped. But it still sold well over a million copies.

mistertwoturbo3717d ago

"Resistance is horribly generic though."

Just curious, what makes it generic to you? Honest question.

I mean, it had a lot of unique weapons, A.I. was top notch, great sound, good storyline, and graphics (though art style seems to be opinionated) was very good especially for a launch title.

supahbad3717d ago

what a fanboy, he uses a kz2 article to say halo is the best, and resistance is generic. he just sugar coated it, that's so annoying

xhairs93717d ago

What about the 200ft tall monsters? Yeap, I think I saw that in the first Madden for Sega.

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THC CELL3717d ago

i think reviewers will bring this game down

Call of duty 4 is a game you will always go back to today
even from halo 3 or metal gear

i think killzone will leave dust on them both and make people like PP understand when a ps3 should be owned

and other games this year will do the same
R2 will take effect

even socom that will be 1 hell of a converter from ps2 fans and xbox players