Video: Mouse & Keyboard for the Xbox 360

A short video clip which shows the XFPS 360 in action.

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MoonDust5253d ago

You can see how it works. Configurations Etc.

Marriot VP5253d ago

you hear that mr. anderson...

that is the sound of inevitability

combatant5248d ago

ahahaha. perfect time for that.

Sphinx5248d ago

I think it is cool and all... and I could see getting it for texting and whatnot... but that is why I have my headset.

TheMART5248d ago

For text messaging etc. you can just attach any USB keyboard and mouse to the 360 I guess.

I have an infrared keyboard/mouse combo with an USB infrared receiving device directly on the USB port and use it with text etc.

Silver Bull3t5248d ago

I'm guessing look speed is still mapped to the max analog stick speed. However mouse aiming is still much easier than an analog stick imo. Might be worth it for kicks.

richie007bond5248d ago

I just wish microsoft would hurry and and release a dam HDMI cable,come on MS HDMI now

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