Edge: A Question of Morality

Edge writes: "During the Q&A period of the panel, "Writing for Fantasy Game Worlds," an audience member asked a follow-up question about meaningful choices and ended with "Do you think games can teach moral ethics?" Taken aback, I blurted, "But who decides...." Is it really our role as game developers to make games that teach morality and if so, what kind of morality?

After all, in some games, you are a hero but also a psychopathic killer. "It's all a matter of perspective," said one developer to me. You've slaughtered beings by the dozens, but somehow, it's OK because you were defending the plight of Light vs. Dark, A or B, or some other dichotomy. Alright, but what about that time when you hunted a species to near-extinction just because some dude asked you to fetch ten ichors? Or those villagers who pleaded with you, "Please save us!" and still, you went in and stole everything you could from the poor saps."

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