Valkyria Chronicles comes out in November with voice over options

Sega sent over a friendly reminder that Valkyria Chronicles has an official release date. We'll get a chance to pick up in English on November 11. Spencer of Siliconera spoke with Christopher Kaminski, Associate Producer of Valkyria Chronicles, to find out if the downloadble content recently released in Japan would find its way to North America. He replied with, "No comment yet." Kaminski confirmed the content will not be on the retail disc though when he answered Spencer's follow up question with, "No, that content won't be on the disc." Valkyria Chronicles won't have any localization differences either. "We translated it directly. We wanted to stay true to the original. As a matter of fact we keep the original Japanese in there."

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masterofpwnage3774d ago

from sept-dec ps3 line up kills. to much games

for my supposedly no game console

SixTwoTwo3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Yeah bro its definitely a killer lineup from top to bottom. Kinda like my Angels :)

Valkyria Chronicles is just one of many PS3 games I will be purchasing during the fall/holiday season. November is just wicked though. Theres a AAA game due every week that month.

juuken3774d ago

Yeppers. I can't wait for this game. It looks awesome so far.

MazzingerZ3774d ago

Agree...PS3 is definitely the most expensive console of all, I'm trying to find out how to justify these purchases for my wife

Ratchet & Clank: QFB
Disgaea 3
Motorstorm: PR
Resistance 2
Valkyrie Chronicles
Wipeout HD

...multiplatform games: Fallout 3 and Eternal Sonata

clintos593774d ago

And this game seems to take your standard srpg to another level in how u play those style games. I really think this game will be an awesome game. I watched a couple videos on IGN and the game has sold me on buying a copy. Should be a great game and I love the art style of the game aswell.

cmrbe3774d ago

SRPG? Is it like a RTS?.

SixTwoTwo3774d ago

Its nothing like an RTS dude. Sega even added a little twist to the genre by implementing a 3rd person camera for taking your turns during battles.

tetsuhana3774d ago

Like final fantasy tactics, where the characters advance in battle square by square like on a chess board. Only Valkyria has made things more realtime, so your characters are on an actual battlefield. Like a 3rd person shooteRPG.

Tacki3774d ago

I'll have to see how the English voices are, but inclusion of Japanese voiceovers is a big plus!

rosebowl233774d ago

very excited about this game. it looks awesome

Gitaroo3774d ago

hope they will have trophies support.... either way its a day 1 purchase to me.

SixTwoTwo3774d ago

Hey I hope so too but since the games been out for a couple months overseas already I doubt it will have trophy support. I hope they patch them in though as a nice bonus.

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The story is too old to be commented.