Nintendo Confirms Lemmy Koopa Named After Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

Fans of the heavy metal world are currently mourning the passing of Motorhead front-man and bass player Lemmy Kilmister, who lost a battle against cancer at the age of 70. Many have often wondered if the Koopling Lemmy was named after the Motorhead lead singer.

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stanr1734d ago

Lemmy Kilmister - Never forget, RIP.

rjason121734d ago

RIP dude! But I thought the koopa kids names were obvious?

rataranian1734d ago

i knew this when the game came out.

R00bot1734d ago

It was never confirmed until now, though. All speculation.

contradictory1734d ago

that's a pretty cool homage actually!

RIP Lemmy, i'll always annoy people listening to David Guetta by telling them that the only good song is The Ace of Spades and then yell the lyrics like an insane person.

( it's an obscure joke, don't worry about it.. )