The Future of Kingdom Hearts, 360? or PS3?

"Kingdom Hearts" has quickly become Square-Enix's OTHER RPG megahit. The original quickly shot to the top of the charts and received massive critical acclaim. It was rated the 22nd best PS2 game of all time by and was voted as 19th best game of all time by the readers of Famitsu Magazine in Japan. So it's no surprise that to date the game has sold over 5.6 million copies worldwide, and has garnered 1 sequel, and 4 spinoffs spanning across two handheld platforms and mobile phones.

"Kingdom Hearts" is also one of the most influential games of recent history. It totally redefined the crossover genre by blending the magic of Disney and fantasy of "Final Fantasy." It took action RPGs to a new level, introduced a new, young crowd to RPGs, and marked the directorial debut of mastermind Tetsuya Nomura. Nomura-san, who first made a major impact on the gaming industry with his art and design for "Final Fantasy VII," finally got his chance at directing and having full creative control with "Kingdom Hearts."

Needless to say, "Kingdom Hearts" is a major franchise, and a hardware seller.

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King Me3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Yeah,if FF13 and FF13 Versus aren't even 50% into development,Kingdom Hearts will proooobably come out sometime in 2011,so whichever console is still being supported at the time,is the one that will get Kingdom Hearts

Overr8ed3770d ago

yea he is and we all know that he loves working with the ps3 and psp. That is what the article is talking about.

Jamie Foxx3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

between the multiplat ff13 and the ps3 exclusive versus then due to the fact with versus they can go all out on the cell and bluray capacity

ff13 unfortunately will now be dumbed down and ideas that they were going to implement now thrown to the wayside i believe because nomatter what they say in the back of their minds the developers are thinking about the 360 hardware and dvd9, why go all out on the ps3 just to make your job super impossible on porting the whole bluray experience onto a dvd9?

SixTwoTwo3770d ago

The BluRay vs DVD9 argument is kind of a moot point when it comes to JRPG's because they can spread the game out over 5 or 6 DVD9's on the 360 vs 1 single or dual layered BluRay on the PS3. As long as FFXIII is not an open world game the DVD9 won't hold it back.

Kingdom Hearts 3?? It's not coming out for years because Nomura is working on Versus XIII. Unless they put someone else in charge of KH3 which would make me lose interest in it anyway.

Jamie Foxx3770d ago

your wrong in some parts.

dvd9 requires alot of compression which inturn dumbs down a game as you will see with the upcoming rage and ff13.

secondly 5-6 discs you say? have you forgotten the charges developers have to pay microsoft for each disc which is a stumbling point

dvd9 is lastgen ps2 introduced it ps3 furthered it

SixTwoTwo3770d ago

I forgot about the whole disc royalty thing with 360 games haha. Well I hope SqEx doesn't try and cut content to make the game fit on 2 disks. I'm already pissed about the PS3 version being held back to launch with the 360 version.

mikeslemonade3769d ago

I don't think Microsoft has Kingdom Hearts on there mind. Versus 13 is still exclusive to PS3. If the game gets enough hype and enough fans cry out on 360 then Microsoft might listen and pay for Kingdom Hearts as well. As of right now they don't need Kingdom Hearts because they think they are in a good position.

Death3769d ago

Versus and FFXIII are on the Crystal Tools multi-platform game engine. Versus should look identical to FFXIII. Blu-Ray still uses compression, but it has enough room that developers can use uncompressed data if they choose. Don't think that Blu-Rays larger size makes it superior in every way. Compromises need to be made today to get Blu-Ray to work well. In time it will be easier, but that is down the road. As an example, trying to find your car parked outside the local convenient store is easy. Trying to find your car outside the local mega mall, not so much. To make up for increased seek and load times on Blu-Ray, devs are duplicating data on the disc and also issuing mandatory installs.

One of the other benefits of Blu-Ray is the ability to have longer games with higher textures that would benefit 1080p display owners. 1080p games are still rare unless you count upscaled games and I've yet to see them longer unless you count MGS which uses quite a bit of passive content to further the story along. Show me the immersive, fully interactive high texture 1080p game that is also longer than a DVD9 based game and I will pick it up today. At 24 gigs, Uncharted is probably the closest thing, but at 10 hours long I don't think that is all that Blu-Ray is capable of.


nieto3769d ago

you have 10 bubbles with stupid comments like those? impressive.

Blu-ray it is not a dvd with increased capacity. Blu-ray it's a totally new technology that use a different kind of laser to read the disc. It's called blu-ray because the laser it's blue and it needs installation because the read speed it's x4 not because it's difficult to find the data on the massive disc of 25-50 GB.

That would be like saying that a bigger hard disk with more space it's slower but in realty it is much faster. And the installation of games are not only for the sake of speed up loadings...

princejb1343769d ago

in my opinion it will end up on the ps3
if a it was to be passed on to the 360, most 360 owners will be lost in the story, not knowing what happened in the first 2 games if they only owned a xbox.
if one has a ps3 (60gig, 80gig) they can always go back and play both games to keep up with the story.
yes it was done with final fantasy but each final fantasy begins with new characters and a new story while kingdom hearts the story continues in its own pace.

Homicide3769d ago

As long as it's not a Wii exclusive, then I'm alright with it.

BlackTar3769d ago

But that was a misleading and ill informed post. No one should read that and take anthing from it. It was jargon. Sorry post on but please refrain from using your personal self formulated defintion and such to explain to those who are less informed. Think about the poor guy who says what you did to a person who is obv. way more educated on this matter he would get laughed at and in a worse postiton then if he didnt read anything at all.

Death3769d ago

Yes, I am aware Blu-Ray lasers are blue which is a much narrower laser beam than red. By using a narrow blue beam you can fit more data by having a higher quantity of narrower tracks. Blu-Ray is also slower and at a fixed speed compared to traditional red lasers used in DVD. I tried making it simple so it is easy to understand, but it is a fact that finding data on a Blu-Ray can take longer than a DVD. Devs can optimize data placement on the disc, but this isn't always the easiest thing to do. By forcing an install to the much faster HDD, Blu-Ray related issues can be resolved. Devs are also placing redundant data on the Blu-Ray disc to make access faster.

Here's a link if you want to know what some devs have said, http://multiplayerblog.mtv....


SkyGamer3769d ago

Why can't you just change disks? I mean in a fps or racing, you wouldn't want to swap disks, but in an rpg where it really doesn't matter that much, I don't know.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3770d ago

I agree.Square Enix loves the smell of money

LastPlace-tation 3rd3770d ago

lol who doesn't??? It's on XBox 360.

KH3 will be on Xbox 360.

AngryTypingGuy3769d ago

It will be on the 360 if they want it to actually sell. That's where the gamers are.

Quickstrike3769d ago

nope because if u did read you would've seen that it said that there are 5 reasons that KH 3 wont be coming to the 360. for those that are too lazy to click the jump here they are from the artical.

1) Tetsuya Nomura is the director and calls all the shots.

2) It most likely won’t even begin its development for another year, and as we’ve seen with recent titles like Doom 4, DVD9 is quickly becoming too small to handle the games developers are pumping out. And if ID can fill up a DVD so much that they need more than one disc at this current time, surely Nomura and his team can in a year or more from now.

3) The game honestly has a better chance of finding its way to the Wii before the Xbox. Nomura seems to have quite a liking for Nintendo, he’s already developed 2 “Kingdom Hearts” titles for them, “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories” for the Gameboy Advance, and the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days” for the DS

4) Disney has a lot of influence in “Kingdom Hearts,” and as we all know, they have developed quite the intimate relationship with Sony because of the Blu Ray format. While I certainly don’t think this would be a strong factor, it is still a fact.

5) And finally, the Xbox 360 itself. We certainly have seen a good amount of RPGs heading to the system, but other than “Tales of Vesperia,” we have yet to really see how well they fair. Both “Blue Dragon” and “Lost Odyssey” did fair, but neither managed to really break the mold on the 360. Sure, they were good games, but they didn’t seem to get that push that so many action and adventure games get on 360. Not to mention, that neither managed to even make a dent in 360 sales in Japan, a big factor for Square-Enix. It will be interesting to see how well “Tales of Vesperia” does outside of Japan. 360 may have finally found its RPG megahit if the Japanese sales are any indicator. Still, the 360 is almost non existent in Japan, and that certainly is a not a good argument for the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise.

Lelouch V Brit3769d ago

"I agree.Square Enix loves the smell of money"

Yes, if Microsoft wants to sell more in japan, xbox 360 needs this game.

ShinMaster3769d ago

Neither Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, or Eternal Sonata sell anywhere near 1 million.

They sold 0.50 on average.

Besides, no 360 fanboy knows the story to KH.

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Mao3770d ago

I don't think it'll matter. We're not seeing this game for YEARS. However, just based on technological superiority, I really want to see Square sit down and truly develop a dedicated title for the PS3 and go MGS4 with it. I'm talking full Cell usage, complete blu-ray space utilization and full PSN support. Hopefully, MAYBE we'll get to see that with FFvsXIII.

power of Green 3770d ago

Based on technological superiority, games like SO4 are possible.

Mao3770d ago

I'm not turning this into a fanboy arguement, I'm stating facts. The 360 has a lot going for it, but I think if you sat down and gave half a second considering specs, the answer is simple: PS3 is more powerful.

It's not a blind follower's statement, it's just the obvious truth. That said, Star Ocean 4 should be an incredible game. Don't go taking offense to every pro PS3 comment posted, okay?

juuken3770d ago

...PoG, give it a rest. He has a point. -.-

MazzingerZ3770d ago

If they want to make easy money without much effort = Wii exclusive
Otherwise this one goes PS3-X360. Today more than ever before, HWs a re too different...

MazzingerZ3770d ago

"Based on technological superiority, games like SO4 are possible"

I have yet to see it running...Blue Dragon had slow downs, it was like watching a movie and pausing randomly, Lost Oddissey had also doesn't matter how many discs they ship, they still need to compress data and it shows.

mistertwoturbo3770d ago

"games like SO4 are possible."

Being possible is one thing, but being the highest quality is another.

LO and Blue Dragon just needed more polish. Great games hampered by rushed development.

Voiceofreason3769d ago

Claiming that PS3 is the most powerful really sounds like a blind fanboy statement to me. If PS3 was really more powerful, games like GTA4 would not play at a lower resolution on PS3 compared to 360. I dont own either console so dont go thinking I support MS because I see something you cant. If PS3 was really everything you kids made it out to be, we would be able to clearly see that today, however according to most reviews around 90% of multi platform games look and play better on 360.

cellypower3769d ago

360 was the lead platform .If you look at the ps3 exclusives coming out your argument is invalid.

socomnick3769d ago

how can you compare exclusives when there isnt a direct game on the other system to compare. I also think comparing exclusives is dumb. Imo gears of war 2 looks better than killzone 2. Then again alot of people on this site will disagree with me.

SuperM3769d ago

Silly discussion. Every game that has xbox as the lead platform will ofcourse look atleast as good on the 360 if not better. That is just pure logic and has nothing to do with what console being more powerfull. PS3 architecture is so different from the xbox that just doing a simple port will not work. it requires more work for it to fit with the arcitecture.

Infact the only way to compare what system has most graphical capability is through exclusives. Now every fanboy have no problem lieing to themselves claiming that gears look better then kz2, uncharted or whatever. But if you leave all the bias behind, all the fanboy crap you will see that games like KZ2 looks better then anything coming out on the 360 including gears2. Infact it is not really anything to be discussing. Anyone not being a fanboy can see this.

Now since we probably havent seen the most out of either system we cant say for sure what is the most powerfull, but it is like this. Either PS3 game developers are more skilled at making graphicly better games, or the PS3 is more powerfull. Its one of those.

I dont however find it very realisticly that ps3 developers are more skilled at making graphics then any other developers (they might be), so to me it seems quite clear that the PS3 is infact more powerfull. It makes sense as the Cell is far superior to the processor in the 360. Cell is capable of rendering graphics, so it works as both a gpu and a cpu.

mistertwoturbo3769d ago

"Anyone not being a fanboy can see this."

Which basically counts 95% of N4G commentors out. lol

003769d ago

"But if you leave all the bias behind, all the fanboy crap you will see that games like KZ2 looks better then anything coming out on the 360 including gears2"

Wait you say fanboys have no problem saying this game looks better then that game but then claim that KZ2 looks better then any game coming out on the 360, Kind of hypercritical.

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Surfman3770d ago

PS3 exclusive or wii... sadly

Blaze9293770d ago

If anything at all, i see this title going to the Wii the most. Remember way back:

"we dont want the PS3 to be the overwhelming we cant support them too much. But we dont want them to be the overwhelming we'll support them a bit"

They still aint support the Wii..and whatll be bigger than KH on it? Maybe somehow tying with the Nintendo KH series; the GBA one...DS one...etc

clintos593770d ago

Reason I say this is because this has always been a big hit on the ps brand and is why I wouldnt be suprised if they announce this a ps3 exclusive at TGS or down the line.

A wii exclusive would also sound like a reality aswell since the wii is selling very well and in japan the wii is the most successful console out of the three which I wouldnt be suprised if it were a wii exclusive aswelll.

Either way it could go anyway but I believe square hasnt been showing much love to the ps3 and is a big reason I think this will most likely be a ps3 exclusive unless they have something else for the ps3. We will never know now since the FF13 on 360 news.