1942: Joint Strike Secret Unlockable Revealed

A couple of weeks ago, Capcom held a contest exclusively for press editors. We were given a task to figure out how to unlock a secret Unlockable item in the game. However, we're sad to report that we didn't manage to win the contest. However, now that someone won the contest, the secret is now out to the public.

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Zerodin3770d ago

A color? Screw that!
Now if it had been the arcade version of 1943, THAT would have been worth the effort.

VampHuntD3770d ago

A new color? seriously? That's all? Tell you what, from now on make the unlockable worth unlocking or don't bother k?

zornik3770d ago

Capcom thinks we are retarded?Get NO life for a few weeks to finisch this game on the hardest difficulty setting en then get another collor for your plain????