Boy, 7, racks up massive £4,000 bill playing dinosaur video game on his father's iPad

A blissfully unaware young boy nearly bankrupted his family by spending a whopping £3911 on the iOS title Jurassic World – all by purchasing in-game currency.

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Neonridr1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

I love how the father takes no responsibility in teaching his son, it's all Apple's fault that he wasn't notified.. :P

3-4-51687d ago

* I knew not to do stuff like that when I was 4-5 years old.

Some kids aren't as smart as I was though, and need to be parented better.

Even then, some kids just do what they want so there needs to be a way to disable in game purchases within these games if a parent wants that.

Have them have to type in a password to enable in game purchases.

There problem solved.

Shouldn't take more than a week to program/code that into a game for these developers.

inveni01687d ago

My kids have their own accounts with no credit card attached. Even my four-year-old son. It is possible to do this. Parental controls on the device go a step further in restricting browser access, store access, and even camera/microphone access. I also have restrictions on our Wifi router so that I can monitor all activity and restrict certain things as needed.

Many parents have no clue how to set devices up for a child, however, and that is the fault of their own inability to lose their ignorance before handing a potentially dangerous device over to a child.

PancakeLova1688d ago

Daddy should have beaten that child

Kalebninja1688d ago

Oh yeah, when a child does something they weren't aware had consequences we should totally get physical with them. /s

TFJWM1688d ago

He is 7 by that age you understand how money works he just didn't care...

BiggerBoss1688d ago

$4000. Yes, that is worth spanking a child over.

Rachel_Alucard1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Actually things like that are entirely dependent on if he was taught from someone or learned from another or not. Age has nothing to do with money skills. Some teens out there have never even touched a phone in their life in this day and age and that's probably because there was never a desire nor need to use a phone in their household (as bad as that sounds).

Kalebninja1688d ago

When you hit a kid that just shows you aren't capable of teaching them in any other way so you hit them. It's an unintelligent demeaning way of raising a kid.

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CorndogBurglar1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

This is why my phone, my 3DS XL, my daughter's tablet, and my PS4 all have password restrictions before any purchases can be made. I also make it so that my card information has to be entered manually every time on the devices i can.

I'll be damned if my daughter is going to spend all our money on accident lol.

Lon3wolf1688d ago

This completely, I do the same it's down to the parents to lock out payments etc. if you don't know just ask someone will know and can help you.

CorndogBurglar1688d ago

Absolutely. Most devices ask if you want them to remember your card info. All you have to do is say no. Sure it takes a little more time enter that stuff when I want to buy something, but when you have a 5 year that doesn't realize they are spending money on things its a lifesaver.

DeToX4201688d ago

Kids these days. I didn't get t first cell phone until I was 16 and I had to pay for it myself. This next generation is in trouble.

CorndogBurglar1688d ago

While a lot of kids do have their own phones at a young age, this isn't clear if this was the child's phone or not. It says the kid memorized his father's Apple ID, so I assume it was on his dad's device.

But again, my 5 year old has her own tablet. Its a simple matter to set parental controls.

1688d ago
Guitardr851688d ago

If the father was that upset with apple, maybe he shouldn't have synced his credit cards to his account. Good old fashioned "enter payment information to proceed" mentality!!!

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