Custom Boxarts: Why Do We Like to View Them?

SCRAWL: "Whenever I get bored and am on the PC, I head over to a site known as VGBoxart, a site where users can upload their own custom-made boxarts for real and non-existent games. Viewing them, to me, basically gives me a new sense of excitement for the game based on how good the boxart looks. Sometimes I'll get excited for a bad game even if the boxart looks good. Looking at non-existent game boxarts gives me a sense that this game may come to be, and the boxart is a boxart you really want to see on store shelves."

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Solid_Dawg3715d ago

this article made me go to the website out of curiosity and waste bout an hour going through random box arts. but i must say i found one really good ps3 burnout paradise box art i might actually print out and use.