IGN: Retro Roundup: Street Fighter Alpha

Hello there, gamer. Are you tired of all those modern titles? In need of a little nostalgia and maybe a dose of classic gameplay? Do you dream of the original PlayStation at night and wake up clutching your pillow like a controller? Well, IGN has a feature for you. They're pleased to continue the Retro Roundup, your center for information on PSone titles re-released over the PlayStation Network. If you're not sure which games to spend your money on, we'll tell you what you need to know.

Each Retro Roundup outlines a game, breaks down what IGN thought of it then and what they think of it now, and even tells you other ways you can get your hands on a copy. So check out this title below that's now available on the PlayStation Store and come back soon as they continuously update the Roundup with more classic gaming goodness.

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