PS3 Japan sales picks up 4 weeks after launch

Good news. After a stunning debut in Japan with 81,639 units sold, PS3 sales took a dive on its second and third week. But between December 4 and 10, Media Create recorded a big sales spike for Sony's next-gen console. The exact digits: 50,171. That's a full 60% increase over the previous weeks sale of 31,436.

Demand is always high. According to Media Create, the sales slump wasn't because Japanese gamers lost interest in the PS3.

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TheMART5253d ago

THat's only because of holiday sales.

Nothing more then normal and expected. What's still dissapointing though, is after more then a month just


units are sold. That's a freaking low number.
60% increase on a bad selling PS3 with Christmas, we can even call that a sad increase with holiday sales!