Woot sells 80 PS3s in 4 minutes

And people were saying that the demand for the PS3 is dying down. Perhaps the truth is far from that. Just look at how fast the folks at Woot sold their stock:

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DJ5248d ago

Demand for the system is still insanely high, especially due to the free press that the system has been getting since launch. News channels are still talking about demand for the PS3 and Wii. Curiously, there's almost no mention of the 360, which is probably due to the fact that it's been out for so long.

TheXgamerLive5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

And I do see Positive Xbox 360 press, but mostly Wii press is what's seen and heard. There's not been anything press positive about the ps3 as of late. It's always over priced, under shipped and over hyped as compared to as good as or much better Xbox 360 press reviews.

Contrary as to what some might say, mind you.

power of Green 5248d ago

OOOH! PS3 sales must be picking up now lol. PS3 sale's are really going to pick up after the harcore loyal Sony fans pick their's up.

TheXgamerLive5247d ago

Other than a few blind loyal followers and I do mean few in my area anyways. Theirs basically nobody seeking a ps3. What else is funny too is that there's still so many places (retail outlets) that still dont even have a playable ps3 to demo anything with.

Sony really did drop the ball with this one.
1,000,000 shipped but only a smidge over 500,000 sold so far. That's really really bad news for sony.

TheMART5248d ago

It's just before Christmas


Anything sells. Even a bag of sh!t would

TheMART5248d ago

Oh wait, let's see... Where are those 80 consoles exactly in these salesnumbers?

pick Xbox 360 consoles sold


market share:

pick PS3 consoles sold


Oh there they are. Still just around 500k PS3 units sold like a few days ago. Oh wow, wait a minute, 360 almost hit the 9 million mark, that's like thousands and thousands sold on a day!

videl5247d ago

lol you moron, i predict you that till end of 2007 the xbots is only in your memory, and no idiot will talk about it like the old xcrap. nintendo kicks as ms already in some months, and sony will kick as at the end of the year. and such morons like you wont change that, buy a ps3 and you will seen that it is far superior to the xcrap360. ps3 is uberconsole, if you dont have one please dont comment all the time, because you have no idea.

TheMART5247d ago

Oh wait, when Fony Fanboys know someone else is right, they need to give bad mouth. Silly kiddy

The Wii would sell at first. Because parents with christmas spend 250 Euro sooner then 400 or even 600 dollars. But you'll notice a drop in sales, very, very soon. The 360 will sell the year through, to grown ups that have their own money.

The Bottleneck 3 überconsole? Hahaha seen in WHAT exactly?

COD3, Rainbow Six, FNR3, all games look better on 360.

Gears is game of the year, having better graphics for sure. Resistance gets pwned so hard in the video below

So you say the Bottleneck 3 is such a 'powerhouse' but the games speak for themselves. The 360 is clearly a more optimal mix for gaming. Period

videl5247d ago

ppl are lieng all the time, the ps3 is the best console, and it sell very good. only dumb xbots try to make it bad, but ppl who own the console know it is the far best console.

power of Green 5247d ago

People who own the PS3 just spent $500/$600 on it, what else are they going to say. lol

TheMART5247d ago

yeah indeed, people that own the 360 know it's the better console.

Watch the links given above you kid