An Orca Taught Me What’s Important for Video Game Storytelling

Nintendojo: There’s a really strange phenomenon going on in the gaming industry in which stories are commonly told in an overly serious, dramatic fashion in an attempt to tell an engaging story. But ironically, gamers instead experience Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy and lose interest in these games. Ever wonder why Shadow the Hedgehog has a story that you can’t take seriously? Maybe it’s because Shadow carries a gun, swears in an awkward attempt to sound cool, does actions that are generally unlikable, and exists in a dull setting that’s hard to care about. Sure, this is only one extreme example, but it’s easy to see similar story elements happening in other modern games today.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies almost fell down the same path for me. Those that love the series know it as a quirky lawyer game that can be just as funny as it is dramatic, but Dual Destinies could have broken that balance when it introduced the dark age of the law as a plot device. This phrase is something that all the characters mention throughout the game, constantly referencing the fact nobody trusts the court system because of the falsified evidence used by lawyers in the game’s universe. Dual Destinies made a huge push to make its setting darker than ever before in an attempt to gain consumer interest, yet the depressing tone of the story made me care less about the world itself.

One of the things that changed my opinion about Dual Destinies‘ story was an orca.

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"An Orca Taught Me What’s Important for Video Game Storytelling", what the fock!