Need for Speed discounted by 60% on Xbox One; Atelier Shallie and Deception IV also on sale

The Xbox One version of Need for Speed has been discounted to $23.79. Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea is also on sale for $19.99 while the PS4 version of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess has been reduced to $29.99.

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Niceman912528d ago

That's what I said...
Someone did actually gift it to me at Christmas, but honestly it's just very disappointing, which is such a shame because I thought this game would bring the series back to life. DICE were adamant that this game has enormous amounts of customization but literally just a select few cars are almost fully customisable. The driving is okay, but I would take Undergrounds mechanics anyday.

GearSkiN2528d ago

Disappointed that the game didn't do to well the world is so dead...

Skate-AK2527d ago

Ghost Games made the new NFS. Not DICE. Ghost just used Frostbite.

Niceman912527d ago

Whoops! Of course it wasn't DICE... I must have had Battlefront on the brain as disappointment goes hand in hand with that too!

Retroman2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Good Lord normally NFS not on sale until November of the following year right before next title comes out.
this reboot nfs must be soooooooo bad less than 30 days from release date Nov 18th 2015 on sale now at 23.79

thank God i did not buy that crapfest.

@ gearskin above

this reboot would've done well if only ghost games took it back to old skool style Nfs from blackbox studio Hotpursuit 2 two player style racing without always online,alldrive,autolog crap.

in my personal opinion

GearSkiN2528d ago

Yeah I just even know if I should buy it... Got too much games in my hand. But I'm the type of guy who likes to try all the latest releases.

Retroman2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

if i were you concerning this reboot NFS check out gameplay video on youtube first you might be disappointed as thousands of Star wars fan was about Force awaken recently.

for myself i neither bought the rebooted NFS nor wasted money on a Wimpy Force Awaken movie.
they should of title it "The Hunt for Luke Skywalker"
he don't show up until last 3 minutes before credit rolls.

ZombieStalker2528d ago

The recent patch fixed a lot of the launch issues and added some additional content. Worth a play at $24

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generalthadeape2528d ago

I bought this game on sale a few days ago on Xbox Live for about $25.

Kinda wish I didn't do that.

I only played it for about 2 hours and it is soooooo boring and cheesy beyond anything I ever imagined.

Ended up buying the Forza 6 & Forza Horizon 2 bundle along with the Storm Island on sale on Xbox last night.

Both of those games play so much better.

If I owned a physical disc for the new Need For Speed now, I'd either trade it in at Gamestop for $2 or sell it locally on Craigslist for a bit more-- ugh!

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