Gamespot: BattleForge Updated Impressions - Trading Cards and Cooperative Multiplayer

At a recent press event for EA Games, Gamespot took an updated look at BattleForge, the upcoming multiplayer real-time strategy game for the PC, developed by the newly acquired EA Phenomic studio. The game will take place in a high-fantasy world at war in which you command an army that you summon from a deck of 20 different in-game cards, which resemble those of a collectible-card game such as Magic: The Gathering. Like in that game, your deck will consist of cards associated with different types of color-coded magic. In this case, you have the offense-oriented fire magic (red cards); the defense-oriented frost magic (blue cards); the support-focused nature magic (green cards); and shadow magic (purple cards), whose as-yet-unrevealed abilities focus on what producer Sebastian Nell refers to as "risk."

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