Sony: PS3 Sales Have Nearly Doubled in 2008

From GameDaily:

Following the latest NPD video game sales data for July, which showed the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 by about 20,000 units, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has issued its own reaction to the sales, noting that PS3 hardware was once again boosted by the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle. With the inclusion of the July data, the PS3 has now sold 1.8 million units in the U.S. in 2008, which represents 99 percent growth over last year.

Furthermore, PS3 software sales have grown 206 percent year-to-date. And Sony said there are now more than 10 million registered PSN accounts worldwide and approximately 200 million pieces of content have been downloaded across the globe. Overall, year to date (Jan-July), the PlayStation brand has generated nearly $3.3 billion in revenue, which is an increase of more than 22 percent.

"Our year-to-date sales growth of 99% for the PS3 reaffirms that consumers are indeed embracing PS3 as their entertainment hub-of-choice with its feature-rich offerings like Blu-ray and our recently announced video delivery service. With an unmatched software line-up that includes LittleBigPlanet, SOCOM: Confrontation, Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and the anticipated launch of our new 80GB PS3 model, we're confident in a strong second half of the year and look forward to quickly addressing any inventory shortages due to the transition," commented Jack Tretton, SCEA's president and CEO.

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ape0073742d ago

well done sony

you damn deserve this

games like mgs4 just blows your mind

and oh

the future lbp,killzone2,uncharted 2,god of war3 and many more

ps3 just kicks total asses right now

just need more ads and markting

sonarus3742d ago

Spin time. I remember when 360 outsold PS3 by like 1000 or something really small like that and they spun it like crazy. These spins are usually entertaining...Not really actually

Mao3742d ago

1) Shortages confirmed

2) Sony is going to have a HUGE holiday season

3) MGS4 effect is still being felt into month number two. So, Adam Sessler of X-Play who said MGS4 wouldn't be a system-seller, what now hmmm?

July was another good month for Sony. If the PS3 pulls out a victory in August over the full-month price-cutted 360, including the XBOX's Too Human release, things could get nasty. This is a nice rebound for Sony from a global perspective for the time being, seeing as how well the 360 is doing in Japan recently thanks to Tales. August will be VERY interesting.

XxZxX3742d ago

and the best part is ... It just get started. This still picking up momentum. A price cut will be the finish touch in holiday season.

zane_78493742d ago

The most interesting thing here isn't the raw numbers, it's the shift in momentum. The 360 is on a decline, and the PS3 is on an upturn. I think the upcoming price drop of the 360 will help, but I also think Sony is going to trigger a price drop somewhere right around LittleBigPlanet and make a commercial push to a more casual audience.

Between LBP, Blu-ray, a free online service, Home, hardware reliability, and the broader consumer recognition of the Playstation brand. I think they would be very successful if that is what they choose to pursue.

This is a huge holiday season for both consoles

Nathaniel_Drake3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Too add to the momentum talk here and how games created this momentum lets not forget the boost in unit sales, although not as high as MGS4 would do it, when "The Dark Knight" hits the shelves this December, movie philes are going to add to the unit sales with the LBP, Resistance 2, Motorstorm crowd and whatever other games Trenton specified

Willio3742d ago

Since Chaos mentioned RROD. Sony's E3 presentation should have dropped their PS3 on the ground and hammered it as a presentation of the only way to break their PS3.

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toughNAME3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Congratulations Sony

The Wood3742d ago

because you are a cynic and people will just think your takin the mick as usual lol

3742d ago
SpecialSauce3742d ago

soon the install base for PS3 will be bigger. just got to do the math.

LightningPS33742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

This console war is starting to take shape. We all know 360 will get a boost with their price cuts, but that PS3 will probably follow suit to battle it out for the Holiday.

When it comes to Europe and Japan PS3 beats 360. in the US it will be close this Holiday. I feel they have about equal Software releases now. Gears of War 2 VS Resistance 2.

Little Big Planet could be an X factor, maybe that game is more popular that I think. Cause I don't really get why LBP is hyped, but some people say it's a console seller, something really innovating.

dro3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

i wonder what the trolls will have to say about this topic.....stand back!! be expecting power of green,giant enemy crab..e.t.c anytime soon XD

if this keeps up and sales rise every year i see the ps3 overtaken the 360 faster.

mfwahwah3742d ago

I have no idea what they would say here. I have most of them on my ignore list...