Rumour: Headstrong's Secret Game At Leipzig GC – Possibly Jet Grind Radio

Ripten writes:

Sega has announced its Leipzig GC line-up, and they're trying to make a song and dance out of Samba De Amigo. More interesting is the promise of the world premiere of a new title and the attendance of Headstrong Games on their booth.

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ape0073806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

my god

jet set radio

bring this now

can't forget the days playing this instant classic on dreamcast

one of the greatest games ever created

gynecologistcobra3806d ago

Amen. This game was so great. I was so happy when I found a copy of JSRF for 2 bucks.

ape0073806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


I want this game right now

good ol sega

can't beat the combination of sonic vf,vc,house of the dead,outrun,zombie reveng,SHENMU AND JET SET RADIO

really sega just flow deep in my blood

Fat Princess3806d ago

Hmm I wonder what platform they would make it for IF the rumors turn out to be true.

The_Firestarter3806d ago

That'd be so awesome! I definitely remember playing Jet Grind Radio on the dreamcast with my brother. It's easy to pick up and play and also pretty addicting. A new installment would be wonderful. :)

gynecologistcobra3806d ago

I have absolutely no idea *coughps3360coughwithoriginale vetuallycomingtoxblaandmaybepsn cough*

Crap, I need some cough drops.

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AStupidXbot3806d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, it will be a PS3 exclusive to meet their expectations.

Cajun Chicken3806d ago

Hope you get to spray the designs by using the controls again instead of just pressing a button.
The original Jet Set Radio for DC is the best.
As much as I like it to be on PS3...I see it more suitable for Wii and PSP.

gynecologistcobra3806d ago

Then I guess you'll be happy whe-I mean, if it is announced for the PS3 :D

games4fun3806d ago

maybe sega got the memo to make sequeals to their awesome games now bring out SKIES OF ARCADIA 2 and ill be happy with sega since shenmue 3 is out of the question

Harry1903806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

is an internal Dev team for Sega or is it just a publishing deal that ties them together?

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