Marcus 09? EA Publishing New Epic Games IP

Ripten writes:

"Electronic Arts has just signed a deal to publish an all-new IP from Epic Games, the creators of the Gears of War and Unreal series. The new IP is currently being developed by Epic's People Can Fly studio in Poland, the team behind Painkiller and the Gears of War PC port."

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toughNAME3715d ago

The one corporation I <3 more than Microsoft

Fat Princess3715d ago

I love EA too! Can't wait to play the PS3 versions of Mirror's Edge and Dead Space. PS3 as lead platform for the win.

Twizlex3715d ago

I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic... at least I hope so.

Nostradavis3715d ago

Sarcasm? What is this you speak of?

gynecologistcobra3715d ago

I know you were being sarcastic, but I'm still hella excited for Mirror's Edge and Dead Space.

SuperM3715d ago

Well if he was being sarcastic then it was only halfway. Because toughname looooves Microsoft

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Nostradavis3715d ago

What is the butt of all jokes? Great! I'll take "Things You Can Use" for $500 Alex.

games4fun3715d ago

sean connery: suck it trabek! just like your mother did last night! laughs with stupid grin

i miss the good ol days of snl when jepoardy with trabek had will farrell in it

ErBarad3715d ago

What's wrong with Poland, huh?

AStupidXbot3715d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, they are going to make a PS3 exlcusive, because their vision cannot be met in the hardware and the dvd format drive of the fixme dvd player.

Leafs1173715d ago

Shouldn't you be doing art and crafts in Nazi camp right now?

AStupidXbot3715d ago

I was at Nazi camp, but your mom kept bothering me, so I left.

thekingofMA3715d ago

worst argument i've ever had the misfortune to read

"i saw your mom at nazi camp"

really? you have now just showed your true age of 14-expect even less respect then you already receive, even though that number is already abysmally low (although it does correctly reflect your maturity and username)

also: you admit you were at a Nazi camp just to make a pitiful 'mom' joke? here's a better one for you: your mom should have swallowed you, you worthless waste of intercourse.

EDIT: not directed at you, Leafs117.

Arivall3715d ago

I like the idea of what Epic can do with a new IP, but my interest is more piqued by the Suda+EA partnership.

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