Will The Wii Drown In "A Flood Of Crap"?

Sega of America president Simon Jeffery may never be accused of being a puffy pants poet, but can be admired for his strong opinions on the current state of the Wii games library. "The Wii is a very cost effective platform to experiment with," said Jeffrey, "There is a lot of crap coming out for the Wii in general." Metacritic scores back up his belief, with Wii games scoring the lowest on average of all the consoles.

With the current situation between Lucasarts and Nintendo over the Motionplus and the catch up work being done by Sony and (possibly) Microsoft in motion control, will this and the poor games library lead to the end of the Ninteno console?

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ape0073813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

the wii just broke the number of crappy games

the wii has an awesome and amazing crappy games for each gener,you will not be disappointed,lots of crap on the wii

for me,ssbb and mario kart wii were good but no where near as fresh and replayable as the gamecube titles,the time has affected here

my god after finishing zelda,smg and mp3,what else is there??


indeed wii is a big flop,admit it fanboys

I love nintendo

but I hate the wii

TheDeadMetalhead3813d ago

And this is coming from the guy that said that the N64 was the greatest system of all time?

Sorry, dude. But the PS2, NES, and the DS are the greatest systems of all time.

A sea of crap? Why don't you read my list and tell me how much of that is crap, huh?

Just another hater...

ape0073813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

yes n64 is my personal favorite system of all time along with ps2

am honest,is there anything on the wii that can stand the greatness of the n64.mario 64,zelda oot and mm,banjo kazooie,GOLDENEYE,PERFECT DARK,turok 1 and 2,shadow man,dk64,jet force jemini,the fantastic conker bad fur day,sin and punishment,body harvest and many many more classics

don't get me wrong man

like I said,I love nintedo but I hate the wii

supermario galaxy is in my top 3 games this gen it's amazing it's beautiful it's lovely and I will finish it again with luigi

but no one can deny how many crappy games released for the system,crappy and casual stuff just bores me

don't get me wrong again

I played no more heros and it's great and am waiting for the conduit and that unique capcom game and okami was perfect for wii

but the wii is standing outthere collecting dust

most of the time I play ps3 and 360

conclusion:ps3 and 360 is my main focus,the wii is just for the classic nintendo games FULL STOP

TheDeadMetalhead3812d ago

to be honest, no. Not yet. You could argue that Mario Galaxy beat Mario 64. But I don't think so.

RE4 is better than the shooters you have up there.

No More Heroes and Mad World are kind of like Bad Fur Day in that they're hilarious and shouldn't be played by anyone under 20 lol. Maybe...

My point is you're saying that the Wii has nothing but crap. But the crap phase ended at the end of '07.

It's looking to smooth out again before it falls behind in the Console War though. And it's looking pretty good until it finally dies out in 2012-2015.

TheDeadMetalhead3813d ago

The "Flood of Crap" phase ended with Xmas '07. The 3rd party devs are improving greatly and so are the games.

Fatal Frame 4

Wario Land : Shake it!

Mario Super Sluggers

Mad World

GTA Wii (unconfirmed)

Resident Evil 5 (Yeah. It's been confirmed)

Accept it, people. The Wii isn't a "fad". It's here to stay, It's gonna win the console war, and the sooner you accept it, the better off you'll be.

ape0073813d ago

have a bubble

wario looks awesome

I just forgot it


it needs more hype

TruthbeTold3813d ago

Please excuse my ignorance, but I hadn't heard that surprising bit of news. Do you happen to have a link to the source of this info? Thanks in advance.

TheDeadMetalhead3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

*Searches for about 10 minutes*

Well, damn. Now I can't find it. But I swore I read a news story on this site that said "RE5 for Wii Confirmed". I'll PM you when I finally find it.

@ Apedude

I don't think it's being hyped that much because the last one was made over 7 years ago. But it's coming. And it WILL be awesome!

Nugan3812d ago

There was a news post claiming that RE5 was "accidentally confirmed," but the article itself was just speculation based on one individual's possible slip-of-the-tongue in an interview.

Capcom has yet to officially confirm a Wii version of RE5, as far as I've heard.

If they do, it mostly likely will be released several months after the PS3/360 versions and will be retooled for the strengths and weaknesses of the console (i.e., RE4:WE style motion controls, scaled-back graphics), but that's just my best guess.

As far as the title of this article is concerned, I doubt that the Wii will (fatally) "drown" regardless of how much third party shovelware is released for the system, simply because it has such a massive lead in terms of sales. Even if we saw sales drop massively in response to things like poor titles (which didn't happen during the early days when the garbage to quality ratio was much worse than it is now) or others systems coopting the system's trademark motion controls (which remains speculative), the system would still be a huge financial success for Nintendo. Remember, they didn't bail on the N64 or the GCN, and those systems were far less successful than the Wii.

Am I saying that the Wii couldn't use better games? Absolutely not. I'd love to see the release of more great games and less shovelware (and I think that is, gradually, beginning to occur). But I honestly don't think that the Wii is going to exhale a death rattle if another Petz title is released.

(For the record, the N64, in spite of its technical limitations, is my favorite system too, on the strength of its essential titles.)

Xiru3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

The Wii is not a fad. This is thanks to the media, not good games. The games you list pale in comparison to what is coming out on PS3/360. No one even cared about Warioland when it was available on other Nintendo systems, the only reason people use it as fuel now is because its one of the very few games that could be considered something to look forward to on the Wii. Personally, Madworld is all I am excited about, and it will probably suck. Oh and NES, SNES, and PS1 were the greatest systems of all time, with PS3 possibly being 4th on that list by the end of its life. :)

orakga3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

Are any of those games you listed even out yet?

I mean, how can you argue that the shovelware phase ended at the end of 2007, then list a bunch of games that won't come out until the end of 2008 at the earliest? (and two of them won't even come to the Wii)

Just saying... I'm not disputing your argument, but your logic is flawed.

Nugan3812d ago

Here are some of the well received titles released since November '07:

Super Mario Galaxy
No More Heroes
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Boom Blox
Mario Kart Wii
Bully: Scholarship Edition

It's not a huge list, and it doesn't prove much, but it is a longer list than we would have been able to develop if we looked at the period from its release to August of '07. And if the list for the next eight months is longer still, that will give me some hope.

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Millah3812d ago

You know its really funny how things change throughout the years. Back in the 80s, when a the gaming industry was thought to have been a passing fad, and was steadily declining due to a flood of crappy games, Nintendo came along and changed everything. They revived this dying industry and reinvented it, and also managed to make it grow into what its become today by giving their Nintendo seal of approval, an official seal of quality so that there would not be a flood of crappy games, and the consumers could have confidence and not confusion over which games to buy. Now look how things have changed.

N4g_null3812d ago

LOL thank the PS 1 and 2. Each system had a total or 2 years worth of crap till the real guys showed up sort of like what is happening now on the Wii. SONY told nintendo to suck that seal of quality and developers said hell yeah and left to make cheap a$$ games on a cd platform and then again on the PS2. Seriously toshinden was it's best fighter for a while there even with soul calibar being on the dreamcast.

Thanks to SONY they showed that you need to let people put crap on your box and they want to do it cheap. Then nintendo refined that thinking and actually found away to make games for the blu ocean and gamers that got bored with gaming. It's really crazy.

We hated nintendo back in the day and hated SONY even more during those times. Now no one remembers those times and all they can remember is all that 3rd party support LOL. That was awesome sort of sucks nintendo had to go and F that up for them. Hey but they left them selves wide open to it.

They should have really got their 1st party games to get more traction early in the game.

Oh yeah only the internet hardcore people don't know what is good on the system. People have posted list of games over and over but you guys just want to ignore them and if all you bought was nintendo games before then you deserve the drought bastards! The HD guys have to make money some where and you are only hurting your HD console since they don't even make the type of profit they should from you 2 weeks great game sale and then nothing.

Man seriously stop trading in your games your killing the guys trying to make games on the HD systems.

Farsendor13812d ago

crap crap crap thats all on the wii a few good gems but the rest suck go to gamestop ebgame walmart target sears look at the wii section nothing but crap.

Pedobear3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

First off GTA isnt coming to wii. Neither is Resident Evil.

Wii may be selling the most but it has introduced no good new game franchises (except wii fit but can you really call that a game?) and they have just been relying on mario and zelda like always.

With minmal hardware specs to give it any potential and a library of casual kiddy games wii will probably be remembered as an overrated console rather then a revolutionairy one.

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