Console Monster: Braid Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Big budget games are often compared to box office films, which leads Braid to be compared to an exquisite piece of art. Quite simply Braid is original, innovative and a miniature masterpiece. Braid begins oddly enough at World 2, a stage of an avatar named Tim's life. Tim is in search of a princess, and without little explanation all that is known is that Tim has made some sort of mistake, which he hopes to right.

Braid is a platform game of a style which no doubt reminds of Super Mario Bros; however the game does not simply emulate the adventures of going from A to B in a straight line, but instead bends the line by changing time. Tim posses the power to rewind and fast forward time, which sounds rather complex and confusing but proves to work fantastically. As you progress through the different worlds you will be given a new key gameplay mechanic which you will use to obtain jigsaw pieces and generally solve puzzles. Such a simple game design with a complex gameplay mechanic come together to form some of the most unique and complex puzzles imaginable.

Unfortunately, the downfall to the complex puzzle design is that there are simply too few worlds and puzzles present throughout the game. The additional mode that is unlocked after completion is evidence enough of this, providing a speed run option with an achievement of beating the 45 minute challenge set..."

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