IGN: Dokapon Kingdom Wii Hands-On

For being considered such a mini-game/party machine, Wii is really missing a strong core lineup of those type of games. Don't get IGN wrong - they are not asking for Game Party 2, or Carnival Games, unless they can seriously up their value - but when it comes to truly well-made offerings in this department, developers are coming up short. Even Nintendo's own Mario Party 8, which totally boasts better gameplay than the seven previous titles was a tremendous letdown. It seem like for all the hype behind party titles and mini-game compilations, there really aren't too many worth the disc they're printed on.

So when IGN saw Dokapon Kingdom for the first time, you can understand why their reaction was less than enthusiastic. IGN have faith in Atlus - especially when it comes to the obscure - but it looked like just another random party title, now with chibi characters and some kind of RPG mash-up design. Lame.

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