133 Japanese Developers Pick their Game of The Year 2015: Splatoon Beats Bloodborne, Mario and More

Yesterday we showcased a list of game developers published by Famitsu, in which 37 creatives picked their favorite games for 2015. Not to be outdone, 4Gamer published its own, and it’s much bigger and detailed, featuring a whopping 133 developers.

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DarkOcelet3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Splatoon wiping the floor of all those big games huh. Not bad at all.

And Hajime Tabata's GOTY is Witcher 3 is giving me some hope that FFXV will be as good or better than Witcher 3. I really want FFXV to set the bar for RPG games. I want Square of the old to come back again with some sick games!

And LOL at Yu Suzuki picking The Last Guardian and FFVII Remake as his GOTY but i can understand his preference.

Abriael3073d ago

I'm not surprised that Tabata loved The Witcher 3, when I asked him if he played it at Gamescom, he was smiling from ear to ear.

DarkOcelet3073d ago

That is pretty awesome news. Hopefully he put it as his Rival game to beat.

breakpad3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

indeed i would vote for Splatoon also ..i love Bloodborne a lot ( is my best game in the past 4 years) but this over use of dark -depression atmosphere and its widespread use among many contemporary games gives the edge to Splatoon -fresh colorful, AAA quality ,100% fun... remembering retro games which were light-mooded enjoyable and care free

3073d ago
mikel10153073d ago

Oh wow Keiji Inafune picked Splatoon

user66660473073d ago

Splatoon was pretty fun. I don't think I'd pick it over Bloodborne myself though.

DivineAssault 3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Splatoon is a really awesome game.. See how all these devs respect nintendo? Yet some of these so called gamers dont


The 7 Best Souls-Like Games - Mastering the Challenge

The Souls-like genre remains popular, along with FromSoftware's classics there are many contenders. But which are the best Souls-like games?

toxic-inferno56d ago

Hmm... In my opinion, the 7 best are the 6 made by FromSoftware (DeS, DS1, DS2, DS3, BB and ER), then Lies of P. But each to their own.

kevco3356d ago

Still DS1? You don't feel it's been surpassed yet?

Demon's Souls has the remake of course, but DS1 has surely been outdated?

Smellsforfree56d ago

I think that the DS1 remake is better looking than DS2. The interior lighting matched with the low resolution textures in DS2 is very garish, IMO.

Besides graphics, what do you mean by DS1 being "outdated"? I'm someone who played through Elden Ring and just recently played through the DS series, and as far as gameplay went, there were all very similar.

Cacabunga56d ago

I haven’t played many but Bloodborne and NIOH1 are on top of my list.. had a blast with these 2

toxic-inferno56d ago

For world design and interconnectedness (that's a word, right?) DS1 is yet to be beaten.

anast24d ago

All great games beside DS2.

toxic-inferno24d ago

I would agree, but there are some things in DS2 that are great and incredibly memorable. It tries to do things differently, and there are some amazingly cinematic moments.

Of course, there's also poor level design (particularly the interconnectivity of the world), questionable combat choices and some of the worst boss runs since the early days of video games...

anast24d ago

True. I can't disagree the game has some moments.


9 Years Later, Does Bloodborne Deserve All The Praise It Gets?

Saad from eXputer: "Almost a decade later, it's time to take the nostalgia goggles off and accept that Bloodborne has long been surpassed by its successors."

jznrpg58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Yes, yes it does. It’s still a great game. Elden Ring isn’t better just different and a bit easier . I like that you have to be aggressive but smart in Bloodborne

thorstein58d ago

I literally replayed it recently and it's better than I remember. I think it's like going back to a beloved book and noticing things I hadn't before.

raWfodog58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Yo! I was getting ready to reply with the exact same four words you started with lol. Yes, I think Bloodborne has withstood the test of time and remains a great game. That’s why all the fans are hoping for a sequel someday. Hoping that we can catch that magic again with a new storyline.

Leeroyw58d ago

Yes. Just replayed it a few days ago. My first Platinum. And yes. I rage quitted so many times and called it BS too when I started. It's tight. The combat is amazing and the lore is rich.

GamingSinceForever57d ago

Elden Ring was easier? I don’t know about that at all. I remember leveling up in Bloodborne and breezing through it. In Elden Ring no matter how powerful I got I was still catching a beat down from every boss.

thorstein57d ago

That's due to scaling enemies. I remember not doing Haligtree untill near the end and having enemies withstand almost a full blast from Azur's Glintstone Staff Comet Azure. My level was quite high.

Melee characters are not fun in that game, especially for the Elden Beast.

MeteorPanda58d ago

Considering l did a run 2 months ago? Yes.