IGN: Infinite Undiscovery Preview

Mention Square-Enix and RPG in the same breath and gaming geeks begin to salivate in a Pavlovian response. Xbox 360 gamers have two Square-Enix games to look forward to this year: Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant. While the latter remains a mystery, Infinite Undiscovery is less than a month away from release. And Square-Enix has shown IGN the ins-and-outs of its latest RPG.

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La Chance3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

MSFT better hype this up.Its only a month and way and I still dont see any hype for it...

It doesnt look extraordianry graphically but looks good enough to not be ugly.

Anyway looking forward to it.Was looking forward to ToV too but I heard its only coming out next year in EU.I hope the Last Remnant is good because lately wasnt so excited for it anymore but since Tov isnt here until 2009 hope its good.

silverchode3743d ago

dont worry ms is number 1 at hyping games up.