Calling All Gamers: Why the iPhone will Dominate the Gaming Market

Once cell phone technology developed to the point that simply making phone calls was not enough, people began to wonder how many different devices could be integrated into one mammoth handheld machine. As Palm Pilots and the ever-expensive Blackberry began integrating gaming, organization software, and mobile capabilities, people began demanding that a more inclusive phone be introduced to the practical consumer market. And then Apple gave us the iPhone.

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Captain Tuttle3743d ago

That headline will get 'em hits.

mirroredderorrim3743d ago

Hype it up, take out the credibility, bring on the hits. Iphone still has a way for games to become mainstream. Although, I do enjoy the Legend of Zelda(nes) on the iphone. :x

Gamekilla3743d ago

so far, it hasn't really...

MikeGdaGod3743d ago

during the day my phone rings non-stop so i can't even play the few games i have. i only have Tetris and solitaire but it's irritating when the phone is constantly ringing while your playing Tetris on level 9.

i love that you can still surf the web while talking on the phone though, thats great.

King Me3743d ago

Possibly,but most likely the iPhone will dominate only in the US.In Asia,it's a whole different story when it comes to cellphone gaming,I believe there were talks of making an MMO for a Nokia phone a while back.

OriginalWangster3743d ago

Imagine if WoW were on the iPhone. Lots of iPhones would sell.

Pedobear3743d ago

Seriously is this a joke?

flambeau3743d ago

They would have to fix the battery problem first.

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The story is too old to be commented.