Nintendo responds to NPD data (official press release)

"Nintendo products kept people entertained in July, whether they wanted to get fit, rock out or just play around. According to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States, Nintendo DS and Wii again claimed the top two hardware spots for July, with more than 608,000 DS units and more than 555,000 Wii units sold. Wii claimed a 49 percent share of all console sales in July, and extended its lead as the best-selling console of this generation. Nintendo DS represented a 73 percent share of hand-held sales in July."


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SSCOOLCHEA3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

raping kids......not hating nintendo but they should never compared this last gen crap to a ps3 or xbox.......once people stop buying this crap another crappy system is coming out...use to love ya nintendo but now your crap

Zerodin3743d ago

And I'm buying three more, just to piss you off!

N4g_null3741d ago

That's hilarious because I bought a new Tv and got another one and my brother got a new tv also and got another Wii LOL. For it not to be an HD console they sure are selling those TVs because of it now. Weird how thing work huh?

The only people getting raped are people who paid $10-20 more for PC games then $400-600 on a console that has nothing fun to play. I mean if you need some thing to look at buy an 3d animated move.

Yeah the rape is getting worst it's mostly these adult men wrapped up in the jacked up version of game culture we have now. They are making a killing off you guys and it's hilarious. You complain about the Wii but you just bought two of the same system WOW basically. Lord help you when you get sprung by a girl.

This is all hilarious to me though. You guys better buy more games or your going to loose. Why get you news from sites that don't even carry the good Wii news? You guys are out of the loop big time.

Mao3743d ago

And I never play it. Time to start pushing out the software Nintendo or you WILL lose the hardcore crowd. I hope I see some killer-apps next year in the form of new Marios that aren't based on gimmicks and a new Zelda that actually breaks away from formula for a change. I doubt it though. I will NOT be buying Animal Crossing or Wii Music. This fall is ALL Playstation brand for me ninty, nothing for you.

N4g_null3742d ago

So you don't buy any 3rd party software? Do you have a HD console? if so then why are you not complaining about 1st software on those systems? I mean Is banjo and sack boy enough for you? You guys are a trip nintendo games are good but it's the 3rd parties you should be excited about. Hey but to each there own? I mean really go clean your Wii that's disgusting!

Maybe they should bring out a hardcore maid or house keeping game that is a FPS for the hardcore since they have such dusty Wiis that would be great LOL. Man I would laugh at A$$ off. Some one should really do that seriously and have it constaintly complaining about game releases and fighting with other console owning maids!

Man thats a Wiiware game waiting to happen! You guys take gaming way too serious and I bet most of you don't even work in it... being a editor does not count because you are still a spectator.

RAM MAGNUMS3743d ago

1 day they are gonna bring out the big wii sticks.
this system is the one that gets the girls!
All you gotta say is " did you feel the Rumble!?"


Hellz yeah,

Alllllllllrihhhgt... Gigity gigity...