July NPD - official figures released

NPD just published its official figures for July. See below:

PlayStation 3 224.9K
PlayStation Portable 221.7K
Playstation 2 155.5K
Xbox 360 204.8K
Wii 555K
Nintendo DS 608.4K

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morganfell3743d ago


Microsoft_Spokesman3743d ago

Xbox 360 had a price cut.
Xbox 360 got the highest sales in a Month in Japan
Xbox 360 sold a 'ton' of copies of Tales Of Visperia
PS3 had REAL shortages
PS3 cost 100+ more

And PS3 still won! Wow.

Failbox 180.

theKiller3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

even with a price cut, ps3 is still raping 360 in its homeland!!!
this is epic!!

now the bots will come at us and says wii owns!! they already know that their dead console is hopeless and cant be used for arguments!!

dont cry bots!! this is destiny!!! that u pay the price for picking on ps3 fans when ps3 launched!!

why so serious xbots??
xbots: waaahhhh :'( mamy help me from the joker(theKiller) (no replies from mamy), then bill gates help me!

bill gates: ha ha ha u idiot xbots, i tricked u and got ur money and for ur stupidity i will give u 3 years of money draining(warranty)

theKiller: bill gates is my servant and all the money he steal from u xbots i made a movie out of it(batman the dark night).
why so serious xbots?? watch the movie to find out wats next(the dark night movie i mean)

chaosatom3743d ago


Homicide3743d ago

Pathetic VGchartz undertracking PS3 like always. Another month of victory for the PS3. Bots just got pwned.

Montrealien3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

HAHAHAH, so awesome! The gaming industry is making more and more money every year!!! WOW Stupid movies and stuff, VIDEOGAMEs for EVAR!!! HAHAHAHA, other stuff sucks!! Videogames are the pwnzorz!

I told you so! where are the stupid teams of the other stuff that hate videogames?!?! nowheres, in a hole cryings like the losers they are!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH~!!!

I smell victory, soon nothing else will be in our way, people will all play consoles and videogames, nothing can stop us now!!! the other stuff sux! Let's keeps tracking these sales and have parties at the end of every month because thats what its all about, looking at sales charts!! woot! party! We are all cool!

juuken3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

PS3 FTW. :]

The PS3 is the undisputed champion of games.

Bring it Sony, just bring on the pain!

Guys, I don't know about you but it feels good to be a PS3 owner.


And Montrealien, you know I respect your decisions but I am sick and tired of the PS3 not gaining a bit of recognition just because they made a couple of mistakes.

That's why the PS3 will always be my favorite console, even though I'll be owning two.

Montrealien3743d ago

I don't know about that Juuken, reading comments like what's in this place every time new NPD numbers come out, makes me sad to be a gamer. Is this what it's all about now? owning the best console?

I can't for the love of me agree with this kind of behavior....

although I respect all your choices guys, it just feels wrong to read this.

Montrealien3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

It's getting it Juuken, and it deserves it. I'll never deny that.

However comments like this

"Even the PSP kicked xbox in the f*cking vegina."


"Lasr place delusional Sony freak with a HORRIBLE console.

Just shut up. "

do not deserve any recognition, at all.

morganfell3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Well juuken do you know what I am tired of? Flash and no follow through. I am tired of cheap Hollywood effects that at the end of the day have no substance. I am tired of Microsoft trying to promise a lot of short term nothingness and then failing to deliver on it.

I am tired of campaigns by Microsoft that are not about their products but are instead attacks on Sony. The campaigning by Microsoft and it's ignorant cronies that took place last year as part of the attack on Uncharted was just ridiculous. It reeks and it comes across as, "Well we can't make a game like that so let's just attack it as much as we can." It isn't funny and it robbed their own gamers, whom they claim to care for, of reaching across the aisle to experience something unique and unequaled.

I am not saying all of it or even most of it was organized but rather it was conducted by pieces of filth that wouldn't know a good game if it popped out of the toilet and bit them in the ass. The 360 and it's fans wish they could make a game that looked like that. They wish they had the best damn adventure game ever made...ever...on their machine.

The same thing happened with Heavenly Sword. First it was ridiculous attacks about the length of the game. And here I will repeat myself and I make these remarks having not to guess. Before Heavenly Sword came out we had heard the complaints from some about the time. I took a stop watch and clocked in at just over 11 hours. It took me 10.5 to beat HALO alone on Heroic. So where is the issue? Why are 360 games granted a pass on items like framerate (Mass Effect) yet PS3 games scrutinized to no end? Like many other PS3 fans I am tired of it.

No game has been attacked before launch though like 360 fans went after MGS4. In this case websites like 1up participated and quite frankly should be ashamed. Better yet cut off at their journalistic knees. Impartiality should be the order of the day from sites given previews by publishers and instead they took sides and inserted themselves to the detriment of the game.

Look at EGM. The PS3 had been on the market for 5 months and EGM publishes a cover with the PS3 and a tomato slammed against it. Dan Hsu, the human piece of trash that was the editor at that time said he actually invited Sony execs to a party to show them the cover and he laughed when he saw their faces. Those were his own written words. He was also the Editor over at 1up.

Here is where I bring out the RROD issue. That is an issue that cost a great many gamers money and untold hours of frustration. Any move or event that cost one of the big 3 at least a billion dollars should have been cover news. Was there ever a major cover story about the 360 RROD issue with a 360 and smoke coming out of it? A tomato? How about just a cover story that says "The 360's technical woes and How MS aims to fix them." Well?

So if some people are wondering why PS3 supporters are being so venomous it is because they are quite frankly tired of 360 fans that refuse to fight on the strength of their own console and their own games and instead attack Sony. They are tired of websites like Kotaku that are so well known for attacking Sony a confirmed EA Developer even joked about it on Neogaf. It would be easy to disregard but then such websites are accorded a position of importance by public venues like Gametrailers.

Speaking of which PS3 fans are tired of sites like Gametrailers intentionally using an encoding method for videos that shafted the PS3 and then lying about it until they were caught. They are tired of sites like Gametrailers showing the superior PS3 version of a game and then trying to say it was the 360 version only to be caught later.

PS3 fans are mad as hell and quite frankly they have now become THE growing force with which to reckon. Developers know this. The electronic industry certainly knows it as all the moronic lies and reversals by MS (HD DVD matters...physical discs do not matter!) are having no effect on Bluray, and in Gaming publishers now know it. Just ask EA.

Some 360 fans, in light of their fading glory and growing irrefutable evidence of the rise of PS3 prominence in core gaming and entertainment, are now calling for calm. Well you are too damn late.

Where were you when attack after attack was occurring on this board by jerks like pog and crab? Defending them and assisting in the attack, that is where.

Sorry, but you will get no respite, there will be no quarter and we will take no prisoners. Either get on the PS3 War Machine or be ground under foot and your bones will be used to grease the treads of the unstoppable Sony juggernaut.

juuken3742d ago

That was so well written and so damn true.

theKiller3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

i have to admit, that was a hell of a comment... rather article :D!!
never saw something so true like ur comment!!
congrats, and yes i agree with u 100%!! this is what I've been saying all the time but u just put it nicely!!

always attacks on ps3 exclusive from many website, and always bad article on how bad ps3 is, and always every where there is bots coming to ps3 news section to troll and bash!! and yet u see them with 6-7 bubbles, if u ask me how i will tell u thats because the admins of this site is bots them selfs!! this bubble system is completely up to them and they control it not us!!!! it doesnt matter how many bubble u give, even if it was 100 bubbles, if admins dont want it then u wont get it, and same with taking bubbles!!
i lost 3 bubbles in 3 hours and my comment wasn't offensive or out of topic yet because what i said didnt like the bots so i lost the bubble and big trolls from the bots side r trolling and being offensive sometimes yet they have 6-7 bubbles!! its amazing how this system works!

i remember i was very excited when ps3 came and was looking forward for the nice games and media, but for around a year they never stopped the attacks on ps3 with their bots army!! even until now all ps3 exclusives get their share of illogical opinions in the big sites!! they always try to show what the problem with our games but they never talk about their last gen graphics games(halo), i saw about a ps3 exclusive game run at native 1080p and the bots complained that it runs at 30FPS!! just look on what they pick to troll!!! shows their desperation!!

conclusion, we will continue the attacks of the bots until they vanish!! ps3 will be dominant like ps2 given the time!

why so serious xbots??

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

This is the sort of GOOD News N4[M$]Gamers should have everyday!!! ;-D

PlayStation 3 224.9K ;-P ;-P ;-P

PlayStation Portable 221.7K ;)

Playstation 2 155.5K (Where is the Original xBox???) ;-D

Xbox 360 204.8K ;-D ;-D ;-D
(After a Pirce Cut???HOW SAD!!!) ;-D

It's xBox 360 Vs PS...........2!!! ;-D

xBox 360 is a MASSIVE FAILURE!!! ;-D
(After nearly 3 years out it should be on top selling like the Wii[TOY]???)

BAD LUCK xBot Lemmings on this and other sites!!! ;-D
BAD LUCK KING xBot RATS on This!!! ;-D
BAD LUCK ALL those xBox 360 sites trying to bring down the PS3!!! ;-D
AWW...Hows it FEEL FAILURE??? ;-D
(I wouldn't know because i have always been a PlayStation FAN[Boy]!!!) ;-D

@morganfell ;) Good one!;) SOOOOOOO TRUE!!!;)

@Shane Kim ;) They are going to get worse the xBot Lemmings!!! :-/
(+N4G won't do anything about it because they love the xBox 360 + M$! The Mods take our Bubbles away)
They are going to get More Nasty and Nasty because there POS is slowly DYING!!! ;-D
They are the ones who keep being Nasty about the PS3 + SONY???
They deserve everything they are going to get!!! ;-D
I don't bother reading PM's from them to me!!! ;-D I just Delete ASAP!!! ;-D

Shane Kim3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

ahhh morganfell, I loved every word in that comment. You're my new best non irl friend :P.

EDIT: I just saw this comment from our friendly xbutt Bangladesh...he wrote this to me in a private message: "Why not come over to my house and speak to me like that pissant."


Montrealien3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )


Very valiant, very heart felt, very well written. But that does not change anything, it just proves that you take this crap way to seriously, I mean they are game consoles.

So some 12 years old pisses on your precious Sony and it get's to you that much? man, that's just crazy. It doesn't change that fact that consoles are consoles, games are games, idiots are idiots. If a comments section filled with twirps (you know who you are) who always feel like they have to spit out nonsense about Sony and it gets to you to the point where you write an 1000 word comment like that, I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are their slave.

I can recognize the ones that are pre-pub idiots , and I can also recognize the ones that are really big enthusiasts, but I can also recognize that all this fighting brings us nothing. You should to. I have and always will take all this personally, like you clearly do, but it is in the name of gaming, I'm in the middle screaming for attention, begging you guys to stop throwing you rocks...

I will let you guys chase you tails, always reminding people they are idiots for whatever console choice they made, or what games they like or are expecting. I will let you guys throw rocks in you glass house. I'm tired of it all. They built a cage for this nonsense on this site and I don't belong in it, even if all I want to do is remind people that its about playing games and having fun with friends, it seems your game here, on both sides, comes down to simply pissing on each other, no matter how well written it is.


just for some contrast, this is what I get in my PM box for asking fanboys to simply play games with me. I won't name the person, or his console of choice, but he is a fanboy that posts (pisses) in the open zone often.

"You are a sh*t talking Canadian piece of sh*t. The only frustration I have is,I can't choke the sh*t outta you and piss on your corpse, now f*ck off douche!! "

*runs off to play some Ratchet and clank before his trip to Ottawa*

solidt123742d ago

Xbox 360 fails big time even with a price drop they can't stop Sony. August numbers will be very interesting. If Sony beats 360 in August then it will be very clear that the 360 has lost its steam.

3742d ago
she00win993742d ago

i was surprise that no xbots disagree with you...

AngryTypingGuy3742d ago

Wow Morganfell. You do take this crap way too seriously. It's funny, I don't remember MS launching elaborate campaigns against Sony exclusives. Maybe they've taken jabs here and there, but what company hasn't. Heavenly Sword didn't deserve to be criticized for it's length, it deserved to be criticized for its jaggies. Uncharted looks awesome, but Sony fans act like it's a God-send. I've played some of Uncharted and the graphics are amazing, but it's nothing a 360 can't do. There are games out there with better looking water and plants.

People like you are a joke. You think that the entire Internet and video game world has some secret vendetta against Sony. Every time a 360 game gets a better review than its PS3 counterpart (which seems to be a common occurrence), Sony fans always make excuses and claim there’s a conspiracy.

“Was there ever a major cover story about the 360 RROD issue with a 360 and smoke coming out of it? A tomato? How about just a cover story that says ‘The 360's technical woes and How MS aims to fix them.’ Well?” -- The PS3 “Tomato” cover story was done because the PS3 was flopping in those initial months because of the ultra high price, and the lack of quality software. It also claimed to produce graphics that would blow away the 360. Fall of 2008 is now approaching, and the 360 still puts out better-looking games for the most part.

“Speaking of which PS3 fans are tired of sites like Gametrailers intentionally using an encoding method for videos that shafted the PS3 and then lying about it until they were caught. They are tired of sites like Gametrailers showing the superior PS3 version of a game and then trying to say it was the 360 version only to be caught later.” – Evidence? I know they mixed up the feed for one game, and they later apologized for it, but how did you come up with this statement?

“Sorry, but you will get no respite, there will be no quarter and we will take no prisoners. Either get on the PS3 War Machine or be ground under foot and your bones will be used to grease the treads of the unstoppable Sony juggernaut.” – Sony is still playing catch-up. Even if they surpass MS, which they very well may, they will still have lost a lot of market share to both Nintendo and MS. Game companies know this, so you see a lot of former exclusives now appearing as multiplatform games. That is the big picture.

na2ru13742d ago

Still sold at a premium
Still has "NO" games
Still has "INFERIOR" online

Yet...... it

STILL outsells gaybox 3stinkin

smokebox 3shizzet gonna lose support

3742d ago
SpecialSauce3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

wait a minute PS3 still sold more after all the price cuts and game announces? the psp beats 360? looks like another console war under the belt. i dont think anything MS dose at this point can make their sale exceed the PS3's.

beoulve3742d ago

morgan, Awesome comment, bubble up.
angrytypingguy, you're another 360 fanboy with good trolling history. You're the joke instead. bubble down

AngryTypingGuy3742d ago

beoulve, how can I be trolling, this is an article that concerns all 3 consoles. Furthermore, 95% of the articles that I comment on can be found in the 360 section. Rarely do I click on the PS3 or the Wii sections. Nice avatar, geek.

jonondaspot - Your comments make me wonder how many times your mother was kicked in the stomach during pregnancy. All those vicious names you call me, like jughead...ouch.

"most multi games now look better on the ps3 you jughead." - Better huh? Funny, it seems to me that the 360 STILL outperforms in graphics and framerate. Not to mention it's not plagued by as many jaggies. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not as severely one-sided as many people on this board. I've said in the past that there are some things that I think the PS3 does right that the 360 does not. And the differences in graphics for most games are so minute that you'd have to pause the screen and stare at it to really notice.

"you make me laugh cause now you admit you will lose but don't mind because it won't be huge margin." -- Actually jonondaspot, I don't know if you're a newbie on this board or not, but if you go look at some of my pasts posts concerning this subject, you'll never find me predicting a 360 victory in terms of sales. I've said all along that I think that the PS3 will eventually sell more because of the 120 million install base of the PS2. MS are the underdogs in this fight, for sure. However, the fact remains that the PS3 is still playing catch up, and it's not written in stone that it will sell more. I will predict though that the PS3 will lose a lot of market share compared to the PS2, while the other two gain market share compared to the last gen. That is a victory unto itself. Dethroning an established competitor takes time, and MS are doing a great job (except for the whole rushing the 360 to market thing :-D).

Oh wow, I just read the bottom of your post, and I see that you're ignoring me. That's fine. I personally never ignore anyone unless they spam, because ignoring someone is what you do when you know you'll eventually be out-debated.

TheDeadMetalhead3742d ago

Can I publish that comment as an article on one of the websites I'm staff on? (I'm not joking here. I really will publish it)

juuken3742d ago

Lol, AngryTypingGuy and his college thesis.

morganfell had a damn good point and you know it. You wanna accuse morgan to taking things seriously when you and the other 360 fanatics tend to take sh*t more seriously than a five year old with a temper tantrum.

Get over yourself...rofl.

I hereby nominate morgan as our spokesperson!

LiquifiedArt3742d ago

I agree 110% with everything you said. I remember the struggles and headaches I had awaiting my prized PS3. All i got was hardships and headaches from the inter-webs. I am talking over a year Before Launch and all anyone ever said was how the PS3 would fail.

This trend continued until Quite Frankly just around Uncharted, ALMOST 2 FREAKIN YEARS. I acutally left N4G because of the Xbox Blabber that would drive my love for the sony gaming system into an anger toward xbox fans, because they were being led by "Microsoft's marketing Tactics" and DRIVING at FULL SPEED the HATE TRAIN of the console war.

Well its too late now xbox fans. It takes a certain type of person to be a real PRO-XBOX fan and you know what I DONT LIKE YOUR TYPE OF PERSON, NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL. Your just Children of the Hate Train Microsoft Drives.

THEY DO THE SAME THING AGAINST APPLE. I found myself over 2 yrs ago HATING apple for no apparent reason...

Sony lives by there Technical Genius and there Innovation. They provide a varied experience with high-quality EXCLUSIVE titles. NO they are not IN-BED with PC gaming as to lure users back into there VISTA OS like "SOME COMPANIES I KNOW"...

AngryTypingGuy3742d ago

juuken - Thesis? My post was merely a counterpoint to the insanely long posts of others on this board.

"morganfell had a damn good point and you know it. You wanna accuse morgan to taking things seriously when you and the other 360 fanatics tend to take sh*t more seriously than a five year old with a temper tantrum." -- So 360 fans take things too seriously huh? Then tell me why every time something bad about the PS3 is said, people cry conspiracy? Why is the world always out to get the PS3? And why do Sony fans feel the need to hit "disagree" and go on a bubble campaign every time something remotely - just the tiniest bit - negative is said about Sony?

Everyone knows I like the 360 better. But how come I can come on here and type things I like better about the PS3, while it seems none of you Sony fans ever say anything even remotely positive about the 360? It's because you take things too seriously, or you're brainwashed. Pick one. I could care less if someone likes the PS3 better. Hell, I've heavily considered buying one. It's a great system, with great games. Sony works hard to put out a great product, as does MS. The only reason I tend to argue so heavily in favor of MS is because things just seem so one-sided on this board.

juuken3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

"Then tell me why every time something bad about the PS3 is said, people cry conspiracy?"

Because the PS3 has been bashed since day one, DAY FREAKIN' ONE. Do you know how it felt to go on a forum and watch people make fun of Sony because it barely had games at the time? 'Oh, it's just a bluray player!' 'Oh, it has no future!' 'Oh, you bought the wrong console! You should have bought a 360 because it has ALLLLLLL the games!' 'Oh! Sony shouldn't have backed bluray because they're gonna lose!' 'Failstation!' 'Delaystation!' 'The PS3 is a flop!'

And heaven forbid you tried to defend the PS3, you were flamed to death.

I was banned from Gamespot for speaking *my* mind and saying 'Well, you haven't seen anything yet!', and trying to put 360 fanatics in their places. It's alright to like the 360, but when you make the PS3 look like a piece of sh*t...that's crossing the line.

You know, people may think that I hate the 360 because I'm so critical of it, but in reality I do like some the games/features. I have played on a 360 before and I like the control. I would have bought a 360 first if the RROD wasn't such a huge issue. I have given the 360 props a few times. But what do 360 fanatics do? They slam disagree buttons because they can't tell whether I'm being sarcastic or being serious. In one article, I mentioned that Microosft did a good job with Tales of Vesperia. You know what happened? Disagree buttons were slammed.

The RROD is what kept me back from owning a 360 first because I do not enjoy consoles that break on me within a month. That 33% failure rate is absolutely inexcusable. The 360 should have been pulled right off the market when that happened. But of course, Microsoft is the largest software company in the world so they'll sweep that under the rug with warranties.

You know why I speak heavily in favor of the PS3 and Sony? Because I believe they actually have a ten year plan. We've seen the PS2 still trucking along after all of this time. What makes people think that the PS3 won't follow in the same footsteps of the PS2? Just because we haven't seen heavy hitting rpg's, that means the PS3 is doomed? Just because it's in 3rd place, that means it's doomed? All of these things are not only annoying but it pisses you off, especially when you're a PS3 owner and a PS fan.

Everything that morgan stated was very well said. He said everything I wanted to say but I didn't know how to say it. And this is coming from someone who owns a 360 AngryTypingGuy.

You may defend the 360, but don't be surprised if someone makes a well-balanced argument to defend the PS3.

And this comment?

"I will let you guys chase you tails, always reminding people they are idiots for whatever console choice they made, or what games they like or are expecting."

Weren't 360 fanatics doing the same damn thing? 360 fanatics time and time again have made PS3 owners feel as if they spent their money on a stand-alone bluray player instead of a gaming console. Home got delayed, so what did they say? 'DELAYSTSTAION!!!!!11111' In-game XMB had a few issues with some folks. What did they say? 'YA'LL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FEATURE AND NOW IT'S BROKEN! WE HAD THIS SINCE DAY ONE!11111 360 FTWINNNNNZ!!!!1111' All of that coming from the mouths of 360 fanatics frothing at the damn mouth.

So I don't see how you could accuse PS3 fans of doing that when 360 shenanigans have been doing it for an entire year! Now that the PS3 is outselling the 360 *yet* again, they're in denial!

borgome3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

What a sad bunch of loosers. Who gives a rip about console sales.

AngryTypingGuy3742d ago

juuken, I can respect that. I never knew that you so heavily considered getting a 360. I can't blame you for not getting it because of the RROD issues. I was nervous when I got my 360 (it was still new at the time). I agree, rushing the 360 to market is inexcusable.

I heavily considered getting the PS3, but 3 factors made me go with the 360: 1. the controller - I hate the PS controller. 2. my friends all have the 360. 3. I like the 360 games better.

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Genesis53743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Patcher is off again. You have to admit if he picks one console to lead it's a safe bet to take the other one.

Fishy Fingers3743d ago

Yes and no. I believe he said the Wii would outsell the PS3/360 combined. He was right there.

Genesis53743d ago

Yep. Actually you're right there. My apologies

Peekay3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

just Patcher - there were a few that said the 360 would outsell the Ps3 this month. I think it's safe to say that the Ps3 is kicking ass and has 2008 in the bag (keeping in mind that these figures are just for the states).

Edit: hmmm the 360 still deals out some punishing software sales.

Fishy Fingers3743d ago


Like you said this is America. Although the PS3 may have shifted more units, the 360 still has a much bigger install base in the states, you'd expect it's software sales to be higher.

rroded3743d ago

still hardware numbers on the ps3 and 360 are way behind the wii still just dont get how many peeps are buying nintendos gamecube plus wable stick.

Silellak3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Patcher is just like VGChartz. I don't know why anyone takes either seriously anymore.

I may as well write a quick program that randomly chooses a monthly winner and submit a story about it.

"360 to outsell PS3", says Random Guessotron 3000.

"Random Guessotron 3000" is a statistical program that analyzes sales trends based on current and past console wars, as well as the general 'hype' for each console based on stats such as Google traffic. It then throws away all those numbers and flips a coin to determine the winner.

The story would probably reach 2000 degrees.

La Chance3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

vg charts were even wrong on the ps3 "shortages".

Sony never even said anything about "shortages"

Nintendo and MSFT do.

They make up the numbers , they make up shortages, whats next ?.That site is a joke.

solidjun53743d ago

I agree. I've been advocating that we not approve anything Pacther quotes or predicts. They are just fodder for fanboyism and besides his numbers are always off. In essence, he's no different from any of us who make 'guesstimations' and I sure know our quotes aren't getting approved.

La Chance3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

wrong reply. sorry.

morganfell3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Sony was having a shortage. The cool thing was Sony didn't complain. It was sites like Best Buy and Amazon that informed people there was a shortage, particularly on the much demanded 80GB bundle. Sony didn't cry in the least.

Microsoft, upon hearing predicted figures where they might lose in months past, issued a preemptive statement to cry in advance about shortages to explain their predicted loss.

Sony, in the face of prediction by sites like thesimexchange stating they would finish last said nothing. That was character and meeting matters head on without whining.

EDIT: It is going to get worse for MS. There was a shortage of PS3s. That is being rectified. On top of this the new 80GB models ship September 1st. Add to this items coming down the pipe like Iron Man on Bluray, the Godfather 4 disk set on Bluray, Kill Bill 1 and 2 on Bluray, The Dark Knight on Bluray. Videophile and gaming enthusiasts look at this and it matters.

In the US, new broadcast rules take effect in 2009. This fall/winter a lot of people are going to move TVs in the house around or out and get net new HD models. And part of that package is going to be a Bluray player in the form of a PS3.

This is the 3rd time I have made this prediction but here goes again. The PS3 will be the must own electronic item this Christmas as PS3 games, Bluray and Hi-def shift into top gear.

TOSgamer3743d ago

Wow that is pretty off.

jwatt3743d ago

Every time the ps3 gets outsold by the 360 on vg it actually means the ps3 outsells the 360 for NPD. Good numbers all around for playstation.

chaosatom3743d ago

On topic: I can't wait for numbers when october hits.

And with a price cut, it would be surely sell lots and lots more.

DarK-SilV3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

--VG chart----------------NPD------ -------OFF

DSL: 668,000============608.4k===== =====+60k
Wii: 520,000============555K======= =====-35k
360: 310,000============204.8K===== =====+105k
PSP: 270,000============221.7K===== =====+49k
PS3: 180,000============224.9K===== =====-45K
PS2: 136,000============155.5K===== =====-20k

King Me3743d ago

I think it's safe to say that the Wii needs to be tackled ASAP!

eagle213743d ago

Wow. Year of the Playstation CONFIRMED. :)

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, etc. it just can't be stopped. I took a break from the lovely locales of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune trophy hunting to find this awesome news. Just PWNAGE, no need for spin.

It's clear as BLU-RAY. :P

boodybandit3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Here are VGCharts SCIV numbers:
1 Soul Calibur IV (360) 298,036 298,036 [NEW]
2 Soul Calibur IV (PS3) 167,358 167,358 [NEW]

And this is what NPD is reporting:
Soulcalibur IV (360) - 218.9K
Soulcalibur IV (PS3) - 155.8K

How can that be that far off on their estimates?
That is a total of 92,000 units off on one title for both consoles.

Mao3743d ago

Though Microsoft will probably make quite the comeback in August considering Tales' effect in Japan (worldwide purposes) and the recent price cut.

What will REALLY be interesting is if Sony actually beats Microsoft in August, then LOOKOUT! Post-price cut NPD victory would be insane for the PS3. We'll see what happens.

By the way, all VGChartz articles banned NOW! God they're pathetic.

mikeslemonade3743d ago

Not even a pricedrop can save the 360. And yes it is a real price drop because the 60gb will be $300 once it comes out. It won't be the rumored $350.

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juuken3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

PS3 FTW. :)

Sony is kicking some major ass! Man oh makes me even more excited for the games coming soon. They just need some freakin' rpg's!

But excellent job by Nintendo as well. They deserve to be noted.

Chuck Norris3743d ago


PS3 won 2007 as well.

DaKid3742d ago

Is it safe to say the Wii unstopable? I can't beleive the sales month in and month out, you would think people would get wise to it.

Looks like great sales all around, GJ Sony looks like shortages and all you still did well. Microsoft needs a price cut soon if they want to out sell Sony, or cut into the Wii's lead. I expect sales of all consoles to start to increase steadily from now till christamas, with the great games coming out and holiday sales.

solidt123742d ago

And all this month vgchartz had me thinking that 360 was winning. Ha Ha, LOL.

Masta_fro3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

bubbles to everyone who replied to genesis, thats probably one of the first constructive arguments in a thread of replies ive read since the division of the open zone and gamer zone, very few fanboyism...


if it were only always like this...

Alvadr3742d ago

Another good month for Sony... Nice to see them gaining some well deserved ground.

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Omega43743d ago

Considering the PS3 kept selling out i would of thought the PS3 to be higher.

Surprised the 360 didnt outsell the PS3 though, but the PS3 didnt outsell the 360 when it had its fake pricecut. Sept will be the real push when the true pricecut comes.

Fishy Fingers3743d ago

"Considering the PS3 kept selling out i would of thought the PS3 to be higher. "

Isn't that a contradiction in terms? It would of sold more if it didnt keep selling out.

Fat Princess3743d ago

Lol @ Fishy Fingers. Owned.

Genesis53743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I wonder if MS is going to come out and talk about this month. Didn't hear much from them last month.

morganfell3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I called it too. Several times:

"Exactly. Look at this:

Up until a few days ago, the PS3 80GB bundle was number 1 or 2 OVERALL. That Gears of War 2 Lancer offer comes in AND a new model of the 360 and what are the results? There are still two models of the PS3 in the top 20 and a single model of the 360 can't even get in the top 30.

There are going to be some quiet people in here come NPD time and it won't be the people from the House of Sony."



La Chance3743d ago

I'll be waiting for VGCHARTS :)

orakga3743d ago

That depends on why it's sold out. If it's sold out due to understocking, then selling out doesn't necessarily imply greater sales.

OTOH, if supplies are high enough and it's selling out anyway, then it means actual sales are indeed high. Case in point; Wii.

Statix3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Not particularly good news at all for your treasured favorite system, Omega4, that in a month where many projected the XB360 to perform their best thus far this year, they even get outsold in their home turf of America. Does not really bode well for the remainder of the year.

Wakka_3743d ago

lol. 360 fanboys spinning already. Praise be to Yevon.