Hands On Midnight Club: Los Angeles by ButtonMasher

ButtonMasher writes: The in house game engine created by Rockstar San Diego has been used to create three games, Rockstar presents Table Tennis, GTA IV and now Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The first two of these titles have already been released I enjoyed both of them immensely, time for a genre that takes something really special to grab my attention, a car game.

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ape0073720d ago

I have feeling that this mc game won't top mc3:dub edition this looks smaller in everything(cities,cars,races,e tc..)
mc3 has 4 cities(the remix edition)this has one city?

gta4 all over again???

El_Colombiano3720d ago

Oh please, not another GTA IV! I don't want this game to underwhelm!

LossTheEarthbreaker3720d ago

I hope I'm wrong, because I loved MC2 and 3.


this games online has a bigger following than SOCOM,im telling you it will be A W S U M !!!ONLINE MADNESS!!!!