Valve Teases 'Team Fortress 2' Update On Consoles

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Do you ever get jealous at the amount of free updates Valve delivers for "Team Fortress 2? on the PC? You might be a console gamer.

Few people would blame you. "Team Fortress 2? has yet to receive a content update - free or otherwise - from Valve. But that doesn't mean they aren't thinking about it.

In response to the recent reveal of new maps, modes and character tweaks for "Team Fortress 2," I asked the studio if console owners could look forward to this, as well.

Valve's answer to MTV Multiplayer is open to interpretation. "[There is] nothing to announce - yet," said Valve vice president of marketing Doug Lombardi."

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pwnsause3806d ago

you mean console not consoles. Remember they dont give a S*it about the PS3

outlawlife3805d ago

EA did the ps3 version, i doubt valve is going to update EAs product

M337ING3806d ago

Does anybody still play this on the consoles?

It was apparent from the start that this is a heavily PC-focused title, valve's lack of support for the console versions really soured its reputation among the console community, while PC gamers just eat up the periodic content and bug updates...

solar3806d ago

#1, EA did the ps3 version. #2, Valve wants to release an update for the 360. there is another reason for the update to not be in in 360 owners hands. Valve has never been a company that doesnt support titles after they are released. their PC support proves that. something else is going on behind the scenes we dont know about, and Valve wont or can not say.

outlawlife3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

or maybe they are just busy with left 4 dead since it release is rather soon

they have a deadline to meet with that game, i doubt they are going to pour unnecessary effort and resources into something that not a whole lot of people care about and they won't make much (if any) cash on

if a console update of any kind comes out for TF2, I wouldn't expect it anytime before november

not everything has to be a conspiracy

DJ3805d ago

Sold my copy to Gamestop months ago. It was a piece of crap.

thenickel3805d ago

We play it all the time and love it as long as there's no lag which get's pretty bad from time to time although we don't see it much like in the beggining.

Dark General3805d ago

I still play it about 3 or 4 times a week when i have spare time. It's a very addictive and fun online game. I'd love for a update to come for the game but i doubt it (for PSN at least). When he says consoles i kind of interpretate as "For the 360" sadly. Though i would like to be wrong about this since i love TF2.

Kami3805d ago

i still play it in the ps3 because its not updated, and if its not updated there are many ways to piss off players.

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iggypop1233805d ago

the game only has about 2 maps. that gets boring fast. if valve updates is then the game gets interesting. its fun as long as you avoid the "skywalkers"

Ace Killa 083805d ago

i got really bored of COD now i got TF2 and BF Bad company and im happy with both all are real fun to play

TheROsingleB3805d ago

Valve could revitalize TF2 on the console by releasing the same official updates the PC version has. We like new content and almost any time new (especially free) content is added to a console game I see new life and a higher ammount of online games at least for a couple of weeks then slowly it dies out again, unless the content is THAT great, which is rare.
I don't see how hard it could be to port the maps and other updates from the PC to a console as a download that sits on the console hard drive, in previous gaming generations it would probably be impossible, but now? It's easier than ever to do this since versions of games are so close to PC counter-parts by comparison.