Japanese Store Manager Explains Which Games Pushed PS4, Wii U, 3DS and PS Vita Sales on Christmas

The store manager of the popular independent game store Games Ma-Ya in the Edogawa district of Tokyo, gave an interesting look at the local situation in the days around the crucial Christmas shopping period.

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bouzebbal3072d ago

Sony will get a massive peak in sales thanks to Dragon Quest start next year.

Knushwood Butt3072d ago

PS4 is already back above Wii U for hardware sales on Amazon. May not reflect the retail situation as Jii chan Baa chan treat their grandchildren.

benji1013072d ago

Does not really prove anything because christmas rush is over.. no one will be using Amazon before the New Years rush.. maybe after.

Knushwood Butt3072d ago

So why is Wii U not above PS4 then?

yuukiliu3069d ago

More likely kaasan and tousan treating their kodomo. Jiichan and baachan don't celebrate Christmas bro.

Knushwood Butt3069d ago

True, they don't, but they still buy gifts for their grandchildren.

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RPGrinder3072d ago

Not really. Considering everyone in Japan wants the 3DS version. Has been leading famitsus most wanted for 6 months.

bouzebbal3072d ago

DQ builders? That's coming soon... on 3 platforms.

JunMei3071d ago

No abz. The 3DS version of DQ11.

bouzebbal3071d ago

i know DQXI is coming to 3DS and PS4 but Sony consoles are getting DQ builders pretty soon.

RPGrinder3070d ago

It will have a minimal iompact


Microsoft to Add Copilot AI to Video Games

Microsoft recently revealed its plans to incorporate Copilot directly into video games, with Minecraft being the first showcased example.

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Fishy Fingers5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

F*** AI

"Hey Copilot, what's a good meme to prove I dislike AI".... https://giphy.com/clips/sou...

Einhander19725d ago

Two trillion dollar company that just can't wait to put as many people possible out of work as fast as possible.

It feels like every single thing they do is making gaming worse and destroying the industry.

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darthv724d ago

....you know it takes people to program the AI.... right? It isnt like it is sentient. We haven't reach skynet level of situation or anywhere close to the matrix just yet.

That's next Thursday.

Einhander19724d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It takes a people to program the AI then that AI is used for who knows how many games eliminating countless jobs which only grows as AI is used for more and more game creation functions.

What you're saying is so ridiculously short sighted and truly larking any kind of understanding and foresight.

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CaptainFaisal5d ago

Why all the hate? Im actually excited about this! Always wanted this kind of immersion, and an AI companion with me all the time helping me out knowing the status of my skills/inventory/progress and giving me tips on the best approach or how to craft something specific is game changing for the industry.

Hate all you want about AI, but this is just the start and I can see the potential already. You wont be complaining in the next 5-10 years about this, but rather complain if a game hasn’t implemented it.

MrDead5d ago

Yes we can't wait for the work of others to be used without the need to pay them so that MS can profit even more from the people they fire.

I_am_Batman5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

There is no chance I'd ever use something like this, especially if it's not part of the core game design, but a layer on top of it. It's way too much handholding. Many games already feel like busy work, because they don't let the player figure things out on their own. Having a real-time interactive guide defeats the purpose of playing the game in the first place in my opinion.

If this were to become the standard like you predict, we'll see more and more video games get away with bad design, because people will just be used to ask for help from the AI companion anyway.

Number1TailzFan5d ago

Well Nintendo don't need this with some of their games these days, with invincible characters, items, easy bosses etc.. they do the hand holding built in

helicoptergirl5d ago

Takes "hand holding" in games to a whole new level.

BlackDoomAx3d ago

Because human nature xD Almost every new technology had these kind of comments.

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Microsoft Store Hints At Upcoming Release Of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On Steam

The Microsoft Store has hinted at the upcoming release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Valve's digital distribution platform, Steam.

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