IGN: 1701 A.D. Gold Edition PC Review

IGN writes: "If you read Dan Adams' review of the original 1701 A.D., you already have a good idea of what we think about this game. When we first reviewed the game, we were impressed by its intricate gameplay that combined city building with mutli-step economic production and maritime trade and placed it all in the context of some truly challenging missions. Now the Gold Edition is out with an entirely new campaign that is, if possible, even more difficult than any the series has seen so far. A load of new toys are also being included in the package just to sweeten the deal for gamers who are still on the fence about the upgrade.

Since we already reviewed the core game, we're just going to focus on the features that are new for the Gold Edition. Keep in mind, though, that everything that we liked (and didn't like quite so much) about the previous game also hold true for this new version."

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