Epic Games, Suda 51 Partner with Electronic Arts

At its EA Summer Showcase event in Redwood today, Electronic Arts has announced a partnership with Epic Games and Grasshopper (Suda 51). The partnership also involves Shinji Mikami, who is responsible for the Resident Evil series. More inside.

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Zerodin3743d ago


La Chance3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Suda 51 ?

I hope that means No More Heroes will be coming to 360 (and ps3).

edit : lol , bubble.

Now what pun can I do with "No Pudding"

NO_PUDding3743d ago

I agree LaChance. If it's EA, La-Chances are it will be multiplatform.

(see what I did there :D)

But glad to see everyone is excited regardless.

LossTheEarthbreaker3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )


Hopefully we're just going to be seeing more and more good things happening at EA, leading to more and more good games as opposed to rushed, unfinished, buggy, uninspired crap.

This is a lot of gas for the fire they've started under their own asses.

EDIT: Can one of you guys above me inform me as to what I do once I'm tracking people? What does that actually do other than add them to a list that I can remove them from (but why do that if it does nothing?)

I was hoping I could click their names on a list and see their latest comments, blogs, etc...

I'm pretty new to N4G.

Vertius3743d ago

I'd think it'd be more likely that it's a new title entirely. Regardless, a partnership between Suda 51 and Mikami can only be a good thing.

NO_PUDding3743d ago

Agreed, I wanted to emntion this.

EA are a new company in my eyes. It pisses me off that it happened so easily, I feel shallow for beign able to let it go so quickly, but...

The stuff they are publishign now, is head and shoulders above what it used to be. All of a sudden. It all started with Skate.

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Lumbo3743d ago

Midway going down the drain left EpicGames without a distributor, was only a matter of time until they signed with either ActiBlizzard of EA

LossTheEarthbreaker3743d ago

I'm just glad they didn't go to either Sony or Microsoft.

NO_PUDding3743d ago

Agreed... EA is about a financially stable as either of the hardware producers, and with their new leaf, the company is also willing to allow some innovation within their games. Well maybe not total innovation, but decent games, they still need a guarenteed return.

Dlacy13g3743d ago

If you dont think MS has Gears locked up you are crazy.

La Chance3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Im ready to bet MSFT signed for Gears 3 as soon as they saw the first week sales for Gears 1 lol.

I mean who with a minimum of skill in business not do something like that way in advance ?

Xi3743d ago

They own the IP, like they do halo, pgr etc.

Vicophine3743d ago

I agree with LaChance, but still, they only own the rights to the first 2, anything could happen.

No need to get all defensive people >_>

LossTheEarthbreaker3743d ago

No, it's like he said. It's intellectual property owned by Microsoft. No likeness can be used, even. Anything with Marcus Fenix is Microsoft's.

That's not to say I wouldn't like to see it on PS3, since I'd rather not have to pay to play online.

Vicophine3743d ago

Really? They own the Gears IP?

Did not know that..I thought they only owned the rights to the first two...hmm.

Charlie26883743d ago

MS doesn't own the Gears IP Epic does MS only has publishing rights for the first 2 games...come one people we already had this discussion on the forums were even a user even went as far as to shows us the current registration of the IP were all the blanks were filled with Epic Games

I think after the whole "MS owns the IP of Bioshock and Mass Effect!" I thought people would have learned by now >.>

zethos563743d ago

This is a partnership for one game. It's not like gears is suddenly owned by EA.

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Dark General3743d ago

I'm really starting to dig the new EA. I still loath EA's sports division but their publishing and new IP's is looking good. I hope they keep on this path.

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