Armored Core 4 Hands On Video & Impressions

Movement is incredibly smooth and fast as is targeting and shooting. The Mechs have a kind of sticky auto-targeting that really works well in most situations I've been presented with so far.

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Arkham5252d ago

Better than I had expected, and those HD trailers look great. As a die-hard AC fan I've been really looking forward to this one.

The series has never been about graphics -- these slowdown issues have always plagued the series. After about 12 games I'm pretty used to it.

Looking forward to finally playing online though.

specialguest5252d ago

the only thing that concerns me a little are the stages. The dark look to it is cool, but I hope every stage isn't that dark and shadowy. I wanna be able to see my colorful mech in the daylight once in a while.

OutLaw5247d ago

I'll pass on this one.

Arkham5247d ago

As with the previous fifty games in the series, Armored Core-fans need only apply. Nothing wrong with that.

ASSASSYN 36o5247d ago

The 360 version will be better.

Arkham5247d ago

Last official word was that it was cancelled. I have been following this ever since, but there's been no further information since the From website said that development was stopped (end of September).

Geohound5247d ago

here you go, r-tard.

It is coming out(has not been canceled) for the Xbox 360. Accept it, I'm tired of correcting you.

Arkham5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

You fool, I said the last *official* word "I was able to find" (haven't been online over the holidays) was the message by From themselves in the fall saying the game was cancelled. I didn't say the 360 was never getting it, I specified the info that I last had said it was cancelled. I haven't checked anything for a few weeks.

For the record, the Sega page has reportedly not been updated since then (as posted on various AC forums in the fall). It's usual for those sorts of pages to be a bit out of date.

I honestly want to know too, and have been keeping an eye on the 360 version's status. I have not found anything solid to contradict the From announcement. If you can find something recent and concrete from FROM, please post because I'm interested too. (360 badges on pages might just be left-over from before. I'm waiting for an actual announcement.)

All I've been able to find is the "No Updates Available at this time" pdf on the site, which I've been checking periodically.

THIS page is new, but all in Japanese:

The Decebmer 26th entry is new, but I couldn't translate it. So what, I missed a weekly check-up on it, but honestly, don't get all pissy just because you missed the first cancellation announcement. I want the 360 version to come out too. Don't get all fanboy.

Apparently the rumour on AC forums was that Sony was putting pressure on From, dangling the From/Sony AC movie carrot in front of their noses.

Asuka5247d ago

i'll be getting this game for PS3, and maybe 360 if it ever does come out. The 360 version is like dead or something, i mean there hasn't been any big announcement from FROM saying "HEY AC4 IS COMING TO THE 360" If AC4 ever makes it way too the 360, i'm picking it up on day one!