Wait, No One Noticed These Atari Games Getting Pulled From Steam?

GG3 writes: "It looks like Atari is up to some shenanigans again. Some of the company’s games have disappeared without even so much as a courtesy call."

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Godmars2901032d ago

Perhaps no one cared? No one bought them?

Daavpuke1032d ago

Haha, well that certainly helped. Good point.

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DLConspiracy1031d ago

It's a real shame about it going down. I bought and loved the game. It's a 3rd person shooter but very fluid and fun. It suffered from low online numbers that's for sure. I think the game was really great. I bet it would do well on the consoles.

BattleAxe1031d ago

Atari has leadership who don't have a clue.