How WoW Will Be the Downfall of Civilization

"World of Warcraft is the most popular MMO in the history of man. With over 10 million subscribers roaming across the lands of Azeroth, the WoW community could be a European nation. Not one of those puny countries like Lithuania, but the medium sized ones like Belgium or Switzerland. Unlike Switzerland, which has blessed the world with small knives, reliable watches, delicious chocolates, and an almost fanatical devotion to neutrality, WoW could very well be the end of the world as we know it. And not even REM could feel fine about it."

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Montrealien3719d ago


that's all I got to saw, great read.

Mausenheimmer3719d ago

I wrote this so feel free to flame me personally to generate hits.

games4fun3719d ago

shakes fist at you angrily >_<

i only goto the comments section and never click on an article unless the topic is worth reading, reads title and description... not worth reading

Zerodin3719d ago

So that's what a droid looks like!

gambare3719d ago

You are watching a mirror.

codemonkey2403719d ago

WoW so is that what they call it i call it the gayest game ever for nerd that live with there mom in her basement

Filet of Children3719d ago

I just finished playing WoW, and I'm about to go upstairs to the 2nd floor of my condo and crawl into bed beside my girlfriend.

So. Got any other fun stereotypes I can stomp on?

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The story is too old to be commented.