PS Vita Exclusive Bullet Girls 2 Gets First Screenshots; Characters, Skills and… Panties Aplenty

D3 Publisher released today the first batch of screenshots of Bullet Girls 2, that will be released in Japan exclusively for PS Vita on April 21nd.

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DivineAssault 1525d ago

Never played the series. What kind of game is this? Hopefully not a graphic novel.

SouthernComfort1525d ago

Seems like a strategy shooter of some sort.

Nonscpo1524d ago

Graphic Novel? I'm going to assume you meant "Visual Novel", at any rate no it isn't, Bullet Girls is a third person shooter with costume destruction elements. If interested, I'm afraid your going to have to import it, as these games haven't been localized.

DivineAssault 1524d ago

You knew exactly what i meant dude.. Dont be a smart a$$.. "Visual Novel's" like those cool looking anime vita game trailers that you think is a RPG at 1st, but end up being an interactive book at the end of it killing the hype..