EA Servers Melting Under Madden Load

We aren't quite sure if it is EA's servers or perhaps the cross communication between Xbox LIVE, but you can bank on a disconnected Madden NFL 09 online game after 9:00 p.m. EST. As those pesky west coast gamers head home from work/school, the load is just too much, and the online disconnections frustratingly mount...

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Xbox melting under intense heat from poor manufacturing :)

Montrealien3718d ago

oh snap! awesome. You rock! PLanet witty has a new president, I name him BRACHATTACK!!

all bow down to his uber dissing prowess, simply amazing!! May you get all the flames you deserve, you truly know how it is done.

*bows down*

lol, stupid Xbox, you heard the man, it melts! from the intense heat! Because of, get rdy for this.....the poor manufacturing!


fafoon3718d ago

"this is an all to common occurance with just about every major game release with online play.... "

Sorry but i dont see this happening when Resistance 2 comes out or MAG !!
With a helluva lot more people online in one Game
Dedicated servers

dachiefsman3718d ago

funny I have played UTIII, MGO, and Warhawk, just because the PS3 has "dedicated" doesn't make them immune to lag.

on topic: Its EA their servers have always sucked.

Fat Princess3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

@ dachief: WOW if you get lag in Warhawk then that can only mean one thing. You're on dial up. That or you're just a lying troll.

M.A.G. has been in beta stages for months now, by the way. Do you really think Sony would release a game that supports 256 players online if they knew it was a total lagfest? No. The PS3 doesn't use last gen P2P networking.

Montrealien3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Miss Fat Princess, "I know you like being called Miss" may you provided proof of MAG Beta pls?

as for the news at hand, a lot of games at launch have a few online hic ups, even with dedicated servers. And predicting that there will be no issues at launch for games that have not even come out yet, is just plain sad.

games4fun3718d ago

MGO uses konami's server system (poorly implemented) and UT3 uses Midway's server system which has very few and the rest are host

the only game you mentioned that does use sony's dedicated servers is Warhawk and i have never expierenced lag and i dont think you own the game either because if you did you wouldnt say what you did

and putting all that aside can you at least admit that dedicated servers work alot better than p2p? or are you in denial about how much worse live p2p is compared to any dedicated server?

3718d ago
Montrealien3718d ago

"can you at least admit dedicated servers work alot better than p2p"

I will, and ask you a more important question....

Is water....wet?

Dedicated servers are clearly better, it it possible for them to be over loaded and crash sometimes? yes.

Fat Princess3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

M.A.G. has been in development for over 3 years.

Edit: Listen in starting at 1:16. This is where he talks about beta testing.

games4fun3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

@guitarded you are the only 1 person on my ignore list. Not even pog,bladestar,nasim were bad enough. As i recall over a year ago you posted a very racist comment. Whatever you say is probably stupid and accusatory and does not add anything to the conversation.

@montreal i completely agree i was only pointing out that Warhawk atm doesnt lag (of course all things lag but not enough to be noticeable to the human eye.), in the early days it did have issues as well when it came to joining games(lots of disconnects) the other two games UT3 and MGO have average online connection that lags sometimes i was just pointing out why. And showing chief why he was wrong about saying the dedicated servers the ps3 has i was showing that all official sony servers have such a small ammount of lag it isnt noticeable if there is any.

Montrealien3718d ago

yep, zipper rocks Miss Princess, that they do, and MAG has been in development for over 3 years. But no mention of a beta though. I'm guessing Alpha, but Beta? no way.

Fat Princess3718d ago

Um, Montrealien. Listen from 1:16 - 1:20.

Montrealien3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Yeah Miss princess, I heard him spit out "beta test, umm internally". Beta testing is the final stage of development, it would mean the game is not to far away, I would think we would of seen more at E3 if it was in beta form imho. I can't find no official word from Zipper saying it's in Beta form.

I think Mr PR had a brain fart, He said it's "way off in the future" yet it is in Beta? Usually Beta is when it is tested outside the company, yet it is internal? Just weird. I may be wrong however I would still prefer Zipper saying it.

dachiefsman3717d ago

bullsh*t I have a 15 mb/s connection <good for the states> and my PSN ID is: GFY_JimLahey.

why would I make stuff up? I was just calling your bs. LIVE and PSN are NEVER lag free.

Guitarded3717d ago

They do not exist! Perhaps it's my stance on homosexuality that offends you, or that I don't like the PS3, but it's certainly not racism. I responded to an inflammatory comment from a fanboy. If you actually read my past statements you would see that I do this for fun and the fanboys eat it up.

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Armyntt3718d ago

Madden has millions online. MAG wont touch madden IMO.

toughNAME3718d ago

That... is a disgusting title

Montrealien3718d ago

It not disgusting! it the bestivest name around, you!....pwi, frwit, squash!

*rolls on the floor*

*does the bacon*

Take does, horrible, horrible word back, NOW!

*bang head on the wall*

/end crazyman

on topic

Madden is very popular, things like this are bound to happen.

divideby03718d ago

only weatherman and the gaming industry can consistently F up their work product and still be employed...if I ever messed up on my job like the likes of these, I would be shown the door..
recall GTA..another high profile game that online @ launch was a disaster....and since I pay for Live...totally unacceptable

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