Make sure you have these great games before the Steam Winter Sale ends

Steam’s Winter Sale is currently offering tons of great discounts on PC games from now until January 4. Just like we did with last month’s Steam Exploration Sale (we even repeated a couple picks here), GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti each selected some of best, discounted games that should you add to your digital library.

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ColManischewitz2128d ago

Glad to see Steam becoming a place people can find classic JRPGs like Grandia 2.

GamingChip792127d ago

Oh Rocket League. I will forever love that game. <3

Dewitt2127d ago

Grim Fandango for 3 dollars, everyone should grab this game immediately.

Ravenheartzero2127d ago

Picked up pillars of eternity for £13.99. Not really into the isometric RPG'S personally but thought I'd give it a blast.

ColManischewitz2127d ago

It's my favorite game of 2015, Ravenheartzero.