Spore (NDS/PC) Goes Gold

WorthPlaying writes: "Begin your odyssey at the dawn of life as a simple microbe just trying to survive, then evolve the creature from its microscopic origins into an intelligent, tool-using race, becoming a global civilization and choose whether to hunt or forage, attack or trade.Spore will be available on PC Sept. 5 in Europe and September 7 in North America and Asia Pacific. The NDS version will also be available on Sept. 7, 2008."

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RainOfTerror3721d ago

At long last ... no more delays, no more changing the release date

Spore is coming!

thebigtarget13721d ago

why would you ask that? its only for the PC. besides, it wouldnt run on the Wii very well. it is not powerful enough

Fernando Rocker3721d ago


What are you talking about? There is a Wii version.

TheMurderer3721d ago

Technically, it's for PC, Mac, and DS. From various sources, it may even be coming to consoles soon. It just depends.

Mausenheimmer3721d ago

Finally! Its shipped! I've waited for three years for this game to come out. Yipee!

RainOfTerror3721d ago

It hasn't shipped just yet, but its finished, so at least it won't miss shipdate in Sept.

Mausenheimmer3720d ago

Wow, thanks for correcting my understanding of what going gold means.

Killjoy30003721d ago

Not surprising...
Ever since that creature creator beta came out, interest for this game skyrocketed.

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