Gamer 2.0 Previews: This Is Vegas

Gamer 2.0 writes:

When some businessman has a sudden urge to make Las Vegas a family-friendly getaway as boring as the Grand Canyon, that is the day that Sin City is no longer Sin City. So what happens when that exact thing happens in Midway's upcoming action game? Do you sit around, pose for photo-ops, and strap on your fanny pack? No. This is not Disneyland. This is Vegas.

This is Vegas takes cues from both the Grand Theft Auto series and The Sims. Technically classified as an action game, Vegas simulates real world events on an exaggerated level. Over the course of the game your character will be gambling, partying, racing, and fighting. Also a bit of a sandbox game, each of these actions progresses a single storyline forward at a pace the player decides.

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