Phoenix Games reviews Cro-Mag Rally

The Apple Gods opened the iPhone to us mere mortals and games spewed forth. Hundreds of games appeared in the fertile App Store and life was good. These basic games began to quickly evolve into more complex games and one day Brog walked out of his cave ready to race. And Cro-Mag was born.

With so many games in the App Store to choose from, a game needs to grab the user's attention. A game needs to stand out and offer them a unique gaming experience. Fortunately for Pangea Software, Cro-Mag Rally certainly stands out from the crowd. Racing through tracks set in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages creates a great twist on the traditional racing game giving us a reason to download it. With tons of power-ups, weapons and period-themed vehicles, you will definitely have a unique gaming experience.

Cro-Mag begins by allowing you to customize the game play with a variety of settings. With accelerometer, difficulty, Driver POV and music/sound setting, you can really fine tune this game to your needs. Once the settings are to your liking, it is time to begin a game. Choose the type of game you want to play, race or gather, each are exciting and offer you different challenges. Race is you basic game play were you must race your fellow neanderthal on nine different tracks spanning three ages. Gather lets your race on the same nine tracks but you must also gather arrowheads along the way.

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