MotorStorm (Japan) gets 9/10 from gamebrink

From the review: "Motorstorm is pretty much the best off-road driving simulation ever to grace a console. The physics are so accurate, yet altered for arcade like effect, and feel so right that the development team must have had at least a couple Physics PhD's on staff to pull off such a feat. From the deformable terrain, to the vehicle handling, to the dirt accumulation, and the exquisite vehicle parts detail, it truly is an incredible piece of software from a technical standpoint. From a game standpoint, things are a bit different though as the presentation and overall experience lacks in a few key areas."

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GamerX25254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

My only real gripe about this game is that the overall package doesn’t feel quite finished. The menus lack any kind of free driving scenario or time attack, all the CG videos are unlocked from the beginning, and well it just feels like they quickly slapped on the menus and setup some races. It just lacks a bit of polish,= 9.0 ..LOL

MicroGamer5254d ago

make the game a 7-8 at best. I would knock way more than 1 point off of a game if I felt that way about it.

JIN KAZAMA5254d ago

You 360 rabbid dogs are at it again huh. Still twisting the numbers around. Well, its true, the game does seem unfinished on the jpanese version, but it still is the best off road racer to EVER grace a console. The demo itself is better that ANY FINISHED racer on the 360. That says a lot about this game, just imagine how its going to be in March. So please, STFU, and enjoy YOUR ONLY DECENT GAME, GOW. Which came out more than a YEAR later on the 360.
Oh, by the way
Happy Holidays.

nambo5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

If you look at their reviews, the 360 has a lot more games scoring higher than this one. Burnout also scored a 9 from this site. GOW got a 9.7. How many PS3 games are you playing? I hear the sony network went down LOL. And how many people are on it? Enjoy your free online service. I'll pay $50 a year for Live.

InMyOpinion5253d ago

[email protected]! Check out PGR3, it's a freaking release title that beats Motorstorm both graphically and gameplaywise. It's a game that achieves what Gran Turismo is grasping for, a TRUE driving simulator. If you'll look further than the car you're driving in Motorstorm you'll see that the backgrounds look like sh!t. Try comparing that to PGR3, I guess the Ps3 can't handle that much content, LOL! Rabbid fanboys are the idiots that spend 600$ on a crippled system. Merry F#ck!ng Christmas retard!

DC RID3R5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

(except you getting your knickers in a twist).

after ALL is said and done bro, is motorstorm as fun to play as let's say........mario-kart??

does motorstorm offer any original features never previously seen in a racing game?
apart from the visuals, is motorstorm a next-gen game?
i think what we're witnessing here is some sympathy reveiws for ps3 titles.
motorstorm, is average @ best. i predict a 7/10 average score.

SEGA RALLY would pwn motorstorm into the sand!

dantesparda5249d ago (Edited 5249d ago )

PGR3 graphics sucked! Big time texture pop-in, and looked barely better than the original Xbox 1 efforts, i got rid of that sh!t, game sucked!
And Rider, aside from graphics, what new next gen features does GoW offer? And the online really sucks for me, sorry, bro!

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5asawi5254d ago

just let them xbots talk they feel threaten by the hot games coming to theps3 next year, and lets not forget that most games being devloped next year is for the ps3 (nearly 50% more then 360 and Wii), just sony alone is devloping around 103 exclusive games for the ps3 and there is other companies devloping exclusives and multiplatform so will it be a hell of year?? hell yeah, you know, Sony is smart, they sew it coming, they kno that 3rd party devs will most likely be jumping out of the exclusives wagen so they focused more on the 1 party so they can take over/win the war on the long run and leave the compititors watching, lol..

power of Green 5254d ago

How long will MotoStorm's glory last lol. It will be forgoten in months and replaced surpased by sevral racers in the sub racer genre's. lol

Juevani5254d ago

They said this time and the times before that the way the game is now its the best off road racer ever made, with more features and an online mode this game should keep ur asss entertained for a while..