Sony drops PlayTV price, then cleverly ruins the service

PS3 Gaming writes: "I've had a good old grumble about the price of PlayTV so I should be happy, right? Sony saw people struggling to pay food, electricity and petrol bills and said 'you know what, let's cut them some slack for a change'. Unfortunately, at some point in the planning of this price trim, someone came up with a profoundly stupid idea - to TAKE AWAY the option to transfer recordings to wherever you want.

This feature alone has always been one of the main draws for PlayTV for me. I want to make recordings of TV shows. If I don't have time to watch them, I'll copy them onto my PSP and watch them on the train. Or maybe if I'm feeling too weighed down and less interested in the picture quality, I'll dump it on a mobile phone and watch from there. That was the kind of freedom Sony's DRM-free PlayTV was about to offer."

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King Me3744d ago

Don't buy it then,simple as that

Tomdc3744d ago


besides its probably legal issues that made them take such an option away, no one else does this and theres no reason why they wouldn't unless it was to do with copyright stuff.

ActionBastard3744d ago

Is that logic I detect? Bubbles King Me. Bubbles.

uie4rhig3744d ago

its most likely nothing to do with legal issues.. otherwise i wouldn't have been able to record stuff of my DVB-T tuner on the PC?

Close_Second3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You're right however, would have not been nice for sony to release this with the capability of being able to transfer video to other devices? certainly would have made it stand out amongst the crowd.

I was looking forward to no longer having to transfer files to the PC and run them through a converter.

This was going to be a day 1 purchase for me but now I'm probably going to wait as it now offers me nothing over my current HDD/DVD recorder.

MikeGdaGod3744d ago

Yeah this sucks but hopefully this is sorted out by the time it reaches the states

Kaneda3743d ago

Is this coming out to US market?

MazzingerZ3743d ago

This is stupid. You can still watch them via remote play.

To worry about that you need first to own a PSP, then you need to only want to have a file rather than using remote play so I think this is just an article trying to hurt the sales of a nice hardware add-on, missleading and irrelevant.

Close_Second3743d ago

I have a PSP and remote play just isn't practical when you're commuting to work where there is no access to the internet.

I was looking forward to dumping recorded files straight onto the PSP and walking out the door. That is no longer an option.

Mr_cheese3743d ago

They may just add it later on down the line along with Recording whilst playing your games. Updates do wonders, give them time

bpac1234567893743d ago

@ MazzingerZ
its definitely not "stupid" or "irrelevant". Being able to copy the recordings to any device you want is a big feature. The Psp's remote play abilities are nice but not every place in the world has wireless access. What if your on a plain, subway, train, highway, or even at someone elses house who doesn't have wireless internet. Its very inconvenient to not be able to put it on a memory stick and take it to go. And it greatly takes away from the appeal of the service.

MazzingerZ3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

the feature was never to allow you to copy to any device but only to a PSP. Certainly a nice feature but it's not the reason why I would buy it. for me it's more important that you can record while playing games and even 2 channels at the same time...those "features" weren't confirmed some months ago and I'm happy to see them there, at least more happy for that than disappointed for the PSP stuff.

I don't have any issues with remote play, wireless is available anywhere, if you don't have then there's a lot of hotspots in scandinavia, trains provides wi-fi and buses are also introducing takes me 20 minutes to get to my job so it's not like I can watch lord of the rings on the way there.... you live in Europe?...PlayTV is only for Europe so that in other parts of the world they don't have wireless is not that relevant...but yeah, removing feature is never a good thing but I prefer that one if I could choose.

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Skyreno3744d ago

yeah your right :( what is it good for anyway???

Fishy Fingers3744d ago

Well as your American from your point of view it's good for nothing. Except maybe a fancy Sony paper weight.

If like me you live in a freeview area like the UK it's good for a lot of things.

ferdus-hutki-shira3744d ago

true am angry

sony are patheticthey should give people what they want


Mao3744d ago

You and I both know that SOME RPGs are coming this year and WKC along with NCsoft project and DC universe next year, but I think we can both agree we need KH3 and FFvsXIII exclusive for next year.

That said, wrong thread mate. Wrong thread.

Zerodin3744d ago

Leave it to Sony, to kill their own products!

Cajun Chicken3744d ago

This reminds me of the remote Microsoft tried get everyone to buy for XBOX's to play DVD's although it was already built in...the mind boggles, at least people have made worse mistakes.

I don't see the XBOX still having games made for it while selling the most popular handheld in Japan whilst keeping a free online service, oh and having a rather successful, growing base for a next gen console with the new disc based media that will undoubtedly become the new media for Film replacing DVD in about 3 years.

Anyway, back to not dousing the feeble flames...I see it being fixed. Only once SCE have big talks with the BBC (as if any other network in Europe would kick off about it, see iPlayer, BBCs free online catch-up service.)

Common Sense3744d ago

to commit suicide.

*Oh, it left a suicide note*
It says " Warranty expired MotherFvcker" .

nieto3743d ago

oh yeah. zerodin again bashing something that he doesn't even know what it is. it is like he just likes to get owned...

windows vista? zune? Xbox? or the RRoD problems with the X360? MS fanboys seems to forgot things fast. or are all of you in denial?

Pain3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

so i cant take my TV with me.....i Cant DO that WITH MY FRACKING DVR TOOO WHO Cares!!!


how about RROD?........ or M$'s wonderful DMR on those crappy HDD's eh? shut up bot.

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ActionBastard3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Man...We should probably cry and boo-hoo to Dish Network, DirectTv, Comcast and Time Warner (I'm sure the EU has the US equivalents). You can't transfer DVR recordings from those devices either. Damn you Sony!!!

zo6_lover273744d ago

At least Sony gives you the option of remote play