GamersFTW Game of the Year 2015

Alex from GamersFTW writes: "Can you believe it? 2015 is almost behind us already! This year has disappeared faster than respect for Konami has.

So, without further ado, here is our shortlist for Game of the Year, in no particular order. We didn’t want to go without giving a nod to some truly cracking games that didn’t make the shortlist, so there are some honourable mentions as well."

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1noobgamer1032d ago

Most definitely Witcher, whilst I liked Fallout I dont think it was a big enough leap forward in terms of graphics. Witcher was absolutely amazing and I'm gutted I've completed it and probably have to wait another 5 years for another one :(

Bansai1032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Came for Witcher, and was not disappointed :)

I'm glad CD Projekt is getting the deserved accolades, not only for delivering a great game, but also for reasonable apporach to the customers and fanbase. Reasonable as in not perceiving them as walking, living and boundless wallets.

thekhurg1032d ago

CDPR and the Witcher 3 deserve it. Hands down the best game of the year.

Completely ambitious, huge leap forward from their previous game, amazing story, best quests in a game EVER. Great dialog, very solid combat with a lot of variety depending on how you want to play.

Outside of terrible horseback controls the game was flawless.

Maple221032d ago

There were so many good games this year, and from so many different genres! I loved playing The Witcher, but also Fallout 4. Tricky to choose between all the goodness that has been around, but I'm glad that The Witcher came out on top. Wooo.

zcmilano1032d ago

The industry has gone mad with open world games! So many massive titles out there.. nice to see a case for games like Slaton and Undertake _b

HRD_Games1032d ago

Splatoon is the best example of how Nintendo can bring colour to a drab genre since Pikmin. Fantastic.
On a lesser note, that's why I like Xenoblade Chronicles X, bringing colour to our open-world games. Go Nintendo!

Yukes1032d ago

A few of the writers championed Splatoon, and why not? Nintendo may have had a rough year but the Wii U still hosted two cracking exclusives in Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X. What odds the new Zelda being next year's GOTY?

madhouse021032d ago

I was hugely impressed with Fallout 4 but the Witcher is the better game overall.. I finished both games but out of the two I'd rather replay the Witcher. Better music, better graphics and the characters more interesting.

basilboxer1032d ago

MGSV! It plays way better than the other open world games.. :P Witchers combat is actually pretty ordinary.. Fallout's gunplay maybe improved but its not a good first person shooter. Other games on the list are meh..

WellyUK1032d ago

Ye but everything else in MGSV is mediocre at best...