Q and A interview with Bertie Wiseman and Ben Plato about “Project Dream”

As there have been a lot of buzz about "Project Dream" and the Dreamcast 2 as of lately. I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) felt like it´would be a good idea to do a interview Bertie Wiseman and Ben Plato (as both of the are a part of the Project Dream team).

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Hoffmann1363d ago

Some people need to stop living in the past.

TGG_overlord1363d ago

Maybe, but at least some things were better in the past. And if Project Dream becomes a reality, then it´s up to the SEGA fans if they want Dreamcast 2 or not. I would buy it if the price is right.

1362d ago
filchron1362d ago

@greatness awaits, Sega always uses Nvidia hardware in their new arcade stuff. even HOTD4 came to PS3 first because of the ease of porting.

Kalebninja1362d ago

The Dreamcast was something really special, I think if Sega gave it another go they could make it work this time. Only thing is they've just been sitting on their IP, they'd have to really push them again and make new ip to go along with the current trends in gaming. I really want my super monkey ball...

TGG_overlord1362d ago

I feel ya =) And speaking of Super Monkey Ball. Isn´t there a Super Monkey Ball collection? (PS2/GC?).

Melankolis1362d ago

So i have to buy another console (DC2) to play Yakuza series? no, thanks...

TGG_overlord1362d ago

I hardly doubt that SEGA would make the Yakuza series exclusive for DC2 (if that console ever gets released for real). As they know more than well that they got Yakuza fans all over the world.

SegaGamer1362d ago

If SEGA made a new console, every single game series they own would be released on that console ONLY. If you want people to buy your console, you don't share the games you own with other game companies. Nintendo don't share their games, if they did, they wouldn't make any money on their consoles.

N0TaB0T1362d ago

When your company is reduced to bickering cubicle workers dropping one by one, how can there be any hope of returning to the good old days?

TGG_overlord1362d ago

Ehrm, Doc Brown might show up with his time machine?

TGG_overlord1362d ago

That would-be something really cool for sure ;)