Stop everything: Total Annihilation out now, less than $5

Total Annihilation is back, baby! The ground-breaking sci-fi RTS has just hit Steam, thanks to the efforts of World of Tanks developer Wargaming. This is more than just the classic 1997 release, too. All of the original expansion packs are wrapped up in this new bundle, so if you’re looking for a nostalgic indulgence this holiday season, I think you’ve found it.
…and did we mention it’s less than $5?

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JsonHenry3095d ago

Loved this game back in the day.

Black0ut3094d ago

Just bought myself a copy along with 2 gift copies =)
One of the best games ever made imo


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william_cade1796d ago

I used to love Command and Conquer

Fist4achin1796d ago

Good memories. I think theres a Dune game in the works.


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