Can "Hardcore" Wii Players exist?

The Community posted this gem, asking the question:

Is there such thing as a hardcore Wii Player?

From the article: "Are hardcore Wii players as fictitious/elusive as Bigfoot? That's what I wanna know.

The Wii is basically built to entertain one key demographic - children who buy a game because it has a picture of an animal, a tv show or an animated movie on the front. For instance, making a game called Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons is not going to appeal to a FPS player. I mean honestly, a Build-A-Bear game? Are Nintendo fricking kidding me? What are we going to see next? Time For Teletubbies: Dipsy Does The Gardening? Rodentz? Ultimate Duck Hunting? Oh, wait a minute. They actually have made the last game. My bad."

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gumgum993716d ago

WHy there is such thing as the hardcore.

They just don't know it yet.

The conversation at the end of the article was pretty sarcastic for a real conversation.

Any thoughts anyone? [echoes] hello hello

JSA-Gamer3716d ago

I think sarcasm was what they were going for at the end of the article...

jtucker783716d ago


chanmasta3716d ago

Uh, i'm getting tired of the same old crappy 'Wii/hardcore gamers' things. Shut the f**k up because there are some hardcore games coming out in the near future!

To name a few: Wario Land: Shake!, Call of Duty: World at War, Sonic Unleashed, MadWorld, The Conduit (which I am loving!!!), and of course Nintendo's next Mario and Zelda title!

heroman7113716d ago

wario land shake is not hardcore and cod 5 on wii is terrible. sonic has always sucked since this gen started. the conduit looks like a really crappy xbox 360 or ps3 game

ChickeyCantor3716d ago

" wario land shake is not hardcore "
Do tell, why is it not hardcore?
Because it contains cartoony, comedy and sh/t loads of colours?
It's just oldschool gaming with better animations, its suddenly not "hardcore" now?

Cod5 is horrible? have you played it?
And because the conduit looks crappy to must be bad?...

Heroman, i'm asking this nicely, can you STFU?

LossTheEarthbreaker3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Haven't played CoD5 on Wii, but every other FPS but Metroid on the system has sucked utter anusballs.

Maybe it'll get better with Motion Plus, but the Wii just isn't tech enough to do it right.

Similar to why swordfighting just won't work on Wii. There's a point when you contact your opponents sword and try to parry. The Wii has no way of telling you where your sword should have stopped, making really awkward gameplay in that regard.

I agree that Warioland is not hardcore. There's not much challenge involved, it's marketed and designed for kids, and there's little in the way of depth. Good enough answer for you?

Mario is not hardcore, either. He's extremely casual these days and his voice is more annoying than anything I can remember in recent history. And the incessant beeping when you have 1 bar of health until you either die or quit the game or get more health is the single most annoying mechanic in any game to date.

Back when Mario didn't have a health bar, he was hardcore. Now he's there for the entry-level gamer.

That doesn't keep the hardcore from playing through once and seeing some creative level design, but other than that most of us aren't playing through Galaxy a second time. It's now a rental.

ChickeyCantor3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Motion plus isnt going to help the IR function since that is already working at its best.
Motion plus is going to add more movement calculations along side the ACC.

Your Wario ware nonsense is such a failure i'm not even going to try, obviously you missunderstood what i said in my post.

Even back then you could consider Mario to be "casual" but those were the games we Played because there was nothing much better out there.
Those were the games.
Now that people have nonsense definitions for the words "hardcore-gamer" suddenly a health bar made it "casual".
(btw Mario had a health just did not see it. Big mario>Small mario>Death.

You should realize by now that there is no such thing as "casual" or "hardcore".

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TruthbeTold3716d ago

If Bigfoot creatures do exist, it is clear that they use alot of their intelligence in order to remain hidden and elusive. Being a "Hardcore" Nintendo gamer, I can see why many would choose to remain under the radar. It can be embarrassing associating with typical fanboys. Over 6 million of Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Super Mario Galaxy have sold (And counting). While over 4 million of LoZ: Twilight Princess have sold. Nintendo Hardcore may have quirky and particular tastes, but they exist in large numbers. Just as Bigfoot may. Check out the video.

Immortal Kaim3716d ago

I definitely agree with that comment, I consider myself a "Hardcore gamer" (though I despise that term) and have been satisfied with the Wii's hardcore offerings. Though truthfully, it is more of a compliment to my other systems, I get the best of both worlds.

Product3716d ago

Im with you on that Kaim as im satisfied by the hardcore offerings aswell from Nintendo.Let people bash though,makes them sleep at night.

Immortal Kaim3716d ago

HERE, HERE. I just don't understand peoples (fanboys) perceptions of how a company is run. Nintendo has found a market with basically limitless potential to generate revenue and good on them. If you think Sony or MS would have had the foresight to adopt such a strategy and wouldn't have taken it, then your clearly delusional.

Its all about balance, I can accept an emphasis on a 'casual' audience, as long as I get the occasional 'Hardcore' game.

N4g_null3715d ago

Exactly let them bash it doesn't stop a system. The sega guys did it to the PS and so did the nintendo guys it did not do them any good. No one is loyal and as soon as the games started coming out people dropped the Dreamcast like it never existed. People are saying they want a PS3 like they want and SUV but they just don't want the cost involved then on top of that I have a hard time justifying it as a console with all the extra crap and sorry selection of poorly selling games. They spend all that money to make these guys these games and 1/20th of you guys don't even buy them. Don't get mad when they give up on you like they did the hardcore arcade player.

Man and stop trading your games in it's only hurting your system of choice! Stupid hardcore!

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