The 20 Best Video Games You Should Have Been Playing In 2015

2015 was a great year for games, and we're counting down the best of the best.

PixelGateUk3076d ago

Few titles i thought were pretty meh, but least there's a good mixture on there

SynestheticRoar3076d ago

Yes cool set up saving the best for last.

medman3076d ago

Interesting order to the list....no Rocket League seems like a crime...The Witcher appears lower than it should in my opinion, as does Until Dawn...ahh well. Everybody's got an opinion.

deadpoolio3163076d ago

Except rocket league is highly overrated and isn't all that exciting, on top of that it only appeals to people who want to play online. It would definitely be a niche title

WildArmed3076d ago

Agreed, RL is one of the biggest games of 2015. Everyone I know that's played it, loved it.
There is a very good reason why such a small studio got one of the biggest stages in gaming : The Video Game Awards. And that's just to announce a port coming to Xbox One.

Clearly, more people want this baby! As they should, Psy did a fantastic job.

WildArmed3076d ago

I've only played 4 games on the list. Although I own 6-7 of them.

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Fallout 4 – Next Gen Update 2 Notes

A new update is now available for Fallout 4. This update adds the ability to manage your control over graphic fidelity or performance and addresses some further stability and visual issues.

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Tacoboto10d ago

How nice of them to give us more control over graphical settings as a way to *completely* avoid taking accountability for the broken Xbox settings.

bondsmx10d ago

Well, I still crashed like 5 times last night within two hours. So there’s that.

anast9d ago

I had to stop. The game is not good. I'd rather play Skyrim and that game isn't that good either.


I Think It's About Time We Realize Fallout 4 Wasn't That Bad

Ahmed from eXputer: "2015's Fallout 4 received harsh criticism upon launching, but I think it was unwarranted and the game deserves more praise than it got."

helicoptergirl15d ago

It was totally that bad. I couldn't finish the campaign it was so bland and boring as I recall. Got so sick of it. 1000 stimpaks on hard. It is very rare that I play half a game and then just quit. I usually always finish it. But i was so bored with this game I just stopped and never went back and never regretted it. Just thinking about that game makes me shudder

Furesis15d ago

That's exactly what happened to me too lmao
Fallout 4 is not a fallout game period it's a bethesda game

Vits15d ago

The comparison with Skyrim is mind-boggling. Yes, Skyrim has streamlined many of the systems that Morrowind introduced. However, it did not tamper with the core of the Elder Scrolls franchise; it did not diminish the freedom and sense of exploration that made Bethesda RPGs famous. Fallout 4, on the other hand, did exactly that to the Fallout series. It eliminated what made Fallout such a beloved series to play. There are no consequences for your choices, no reason to explore, and barely any interesting set pieces in the game.

It's not terrible, but it's a painfully mediocre game in a franchise that typically doesn't produce such mediocrity. So that is why people see it as bad, the bar is just much higher.

anast15d ago

They both feel the same because they are, it's just that one has swords and magic and the other has swords and guns.

anast15d ago

I'm replaying it now. It sucks. I'm about 30 hours in and thinking about quitting again. I am so tired of the dialogue I just spam a random button because it doesn't matter. The upgrade just feels like a graphical mod, everything else is not good.

Good-Smurf15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

I couldn't play the game as-is it was insanely boring and grindy and the grind itself are not fun at all.
Mods helped me stomach the game a bit better but after a while I just stopped playing and uninstalled it because the game did nothing after the first few hours to give me any motivation to keep playing it, it just became a mindless looter shooter with obsession in settlement building and defending.
Compared to F3 and FNV, F4 was barely a mediocre game it wasn't bad but it's also very forgettable entry.

MrDead15d ago

It's not that bad after 300+ mods that fix it's issues and make the game fun... but lets not talk about mods right now as they are f****d.

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